Confirmed: PSN-Cards for Europe

PS3-Sense writes: "Finally, it happened! PSN cards for Europe are confirmed to retailers, just not the press yet. Every store and webshop can order European PlayStation Network cards which can be sold starting from October 1st."


The cards are confirmed to retailers. This message to the press is different from a message to retailers which isn't for publication.

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doctorstrange3829d ago

says "full length movies, TV shows and more", so therefore the picture is either a fake, a mock-up or it means that the movie store is coming to the EU. I hope the latter

PirateThom3829d ago

Sadly, I think it's just a mock up.

Blaze9293829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I dunno. That one guy said they don't plan to have PSN Cards in EU at all or for at least and very long time and he seemed pretty sure about it when he said it. Now not too soon after they actually are indeed coming? Either Sony figured out something quick as hell or this is false.

But then again, with the PSP Go! coming this October it only makes sense that they have to put out PSN cards in EU asap otherwise that thing would've had a hard time in Europe without them.

TheHater3829d ago

The movie store is coming to EU according to Mike Kebby from the European Playstation Blog.

doctorstrange3829d ago

but this shows that it'll be here by october, I'm guessing GamesCon

Carl14123829d ago

Hooray finally! I can finally buy stuff from PSN without having to nick mum's credit card >.<

Hopefully we have an imminent film store announcement then :) Gamescom

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SixTwoTwo3829d ago

Sony NEEDED to get these out in Europe or the PSP Go would've been a complete failure. I wonder whats taken them so long.

ipadsense3829d ago

The PSP Go also goes on sale on the first of October, like the PSN cards. It makes sense.. ;)

lloyd_wonder3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Bout time. My EU PS3 brethren can finally stop complaining on the US PlayStation blog or at all.


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The story is too old to be commented.