Destructoid: The King of Fighters XII Review

Destructoid writes: "All of the above considered, I'm pretty happy with King of Fighters XII overall. Provided the online doesn't suck, I think most of the game's faults and shortcomings will be easily forgettable, especially after a few hundred rounds with friends. It's certainly solid enough to be played for years to come. There's no Mai, but the characters who did make the list play true, and most look better than they ever have.

The core game is spectacular, even if the presentation framing it is awful, and it's got the potential to be well worth the money. So should you buy it? That depends on what's most important to you, but I'm going to say you most certainly should".

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And before you guys say something negative about me. I played the game on 360. Im a big KOF fan, and really I prefer KOF XI on the PS2 over this. But dont believe in anyone play it yourself and you will know what Im talking about. Also for the hardcore fans of the series, there is a big omission in the small character list of the MAI SHIRANUI!!!!!!!! What a letdown.


Maddens Raiders3838d ago

and I'm diggin' this score.

GameGambits3838d ago

The game just didn't bring enough to the table when stacked up against competitors or heck even its prequels.

The only offline mode is Arcade. It's fast, easy, and the replay value is small unless you really want trophies/achivements for beating it faster. No other offline game types is a big deal to someone like myself who enjoy stories, score attack modes, and survivals.

I didn't read his full review, but did he say the online doesn't suck? If that's for the 360 version then I feel ripped off that I got it for my PS3 instead, since the PS3 online KoF12 is busted. Lag is an understatement as a few games I've been in the whole match STOPS to mid fight resynchronize the kid with 14kb/sec dial up or the servers/netcode are just trash. The online even lacks depth since there isn't many options. It's either ranked or private. It would've been nice if you can do ranked with 1 v1 or 3v3 pairs, but instead it's 3v3 only. I would've liked if you didn't have to wait till a fight is over before you can spectate games you join since you have to wait till the fight ends to be a spectactor/contestant.

4 character colors only for each character, 6 soundtracks total I think for the whole game, and if I'm not mistaken there is only 5 maps total to fight on. Character balance issues are through the roof. Play any of the big characters against a projectile user and see how well you hold up. There's collision detection issues as well. I had a Kyo stuck in the corner and he did his super move to charge his hand back, I came up hit him twice with punches and it DIDN'T register either and his move hit me. Another example is Andy Bogards special has him kick in an arc through the air. I was holding back to block against him and as he went over my head he started to do damage and hit me when we were back to back...WTF?!

To sweeten the deal if a character gets knocked down you can't do damage to them which leads to some people timing puppy guarding to come stand over you so the second you stand up they hit you. I've tried numerous times to just block before I fully stand to be ready, but they can just low kick knock u back down, or if it's got enough lag your block might not even register.

It doesn't take a genious either to realize this games visuals are not making us of HD consoles capabilities. Some of the special effects for characters look right out of regular Nintendo days. Kyo's dash grab where he explodes and burns you is a perfect example. The big circular sun explosion effect 100% looks like it belongs back on a NES.

It does do one great thing which is let you roll under projectiles so people can't totally abuse them like in other fighting games.

This is not a game for many people. Even KoF hardcores will be heartily disappointed with this entry. A big part of me hopes/wishes SNK did go bankrupt. If this was the re-birth of the franchise it would've been left better off dead with respect as a good fighting franchise, because this is a slap in the face to those who follow the series or fighting games with anticipation.

If you are remotely interested in this then just rent it before you buy it.