Shadow Complex: New Screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal has new screenshots of the Xbox360 exclusive Shadow Complex.

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N4PS3G3838d ago

This is ridiculous, it looks better than some retail games!

megaglitcher3838d ago

True. That looks phenomenal for an arcade game.

The Wood3838d ago

but these are the type of games xbl has been missing because of the file size cap. If they get rid of the cap there will be many more games like this because the devs can have more freedom. All types of games can flourish on xbl if given the chance.

green3838d ago

Shadow Complex is going to be an amazing game to play.Might end up being the best XBLA game to date.And knowing it's from the devs of Undertow, i won't be surprised.

N4PS3G3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

yeah..but thats a thing of the past because they've been ignoring the size cap in a a lot of recent games like Portal,Battlefield etc and this is one of them.

but i'm just saying..look at this pics..its very impressive.

diefor3838d ago

Yes, but it's a game to. They call it self "retail" don't made them great games....

GUNS N SWORDS3838d ago

powered by the ut3 engine

shadow complex FTW!!!

Whoooop3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Well LIVE or PSN games can look amazing if the devs behind them want them to, but most arcade games are made with gameplay and fun as priority not visuals.

If a dev company wants to boost visuals and polish an arcade game it will look as any other game. The only problem is they can't make it too heavy on size and people don't look for top-notch graphics on arcade games for them to emphasize on that

Shadow Complex looks amazing so far, specially the in-game gameplay visuals.

That image seems like an usual EPIC bullshot though... However, the game in motion looks visually outstanding.

BattleAxe3838d ago

This game looks like Bionic Commando Re-armed. Nothing to see here folks.

StanLee3837d ago

This game is really looking fantastic. I just can't believe it's a $15 XBLA game.

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BattleAxe3838d ago

If you are really that impressed by those screens, then I could only imagine all the buildup of crap in your pants from playing Uncharted, MGS4 and Killzone 2. lol

shocky163838d ago

Especially when you compare it to some of the other stuff on there, graphics wise.

Whoooop3838d ago

shocky like I said....

Being an XBLA game doesn't make it less capable of looking amazing. It's a matter of how important it is to the developer behind it to make it look as good as most full priced games.

Not taking anything from the game because it does looks great specially the in-game gameplay visuals, but the game looks great because EPIC decided to give the extra push on visuals.

sak5003838d ago

1943, spolsion man, that bike game and shadow complex. Summer of arcade definately pwns the exclusives on the rival console.

raztad3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Wow dude. Couldnt you just praise this game w/o that fanboy crap? pwns rival console is a very bold claim considering several psn only games already out (Wipeout Fury recently) and upcoming like Fat Princess and another entry of the critical acclaimed PixelJunk series, PJ:Shooter.

That said, this game looks good and interesting, the gameplay brings me memories of Killzone:Liberation. Good real exclusive for x360.

Spike473838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I refused to buy 1943 on my PS3 although I love the Battlefield series. "splosion"? You mean explosion, and I never heard of that game.

Both consoles have great arcade games.

green3838d ago

Splosion man is the name of the game.And that bike game that Sak is talking about is fu*king awesome.

sak5003837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

cheers green... +bubbles for clearing that one out. I watched the video few days back and forgot the name and was in hurry.

And nice one with pwning spike :D

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