More FF13 Party Members to Come

Final Fantasy XIII's Lead Writer and Designer Motomu Toriyama sat down with Japanese gaming magazine Jump to chat about the progress on the game and in the process revealed that there are more party members yet to be announced.

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iamtehpwn3832d ago

Hope wasn't going to be in my Party anyway.
My current configuration in my head stands to be Lightning, Vanille, and it's up in the air between Snow and Sazh.

DragonWarrior_43832d ago

Good, cause I dont like the ones Ive seen so far. Where is my Auron, Khimiri, and Ject badasses? Even Tidus is cooler then the characters Ive seen so far. Im getting the game day one forsure, but I hope FF13 doesn't disappoint me just like FF 12 did.

iamtehpwn3832d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Truer words were never spoken.
I've played the Final Fantasy XIII demo, trust me, as far as Combat goes, THIS is the best Final Fantasy combat system thus far, However, VII's materia system made it's combat system epic, and I'm not sure what XIII has yet.

However, the characters have been a bit bland, but Nomura-san can only make so many damn characters, I'm surprised he still has ideas.

Jihaad_cpt3831d ago

I do have to say that I found FFVII "Materia" system to easy probably the second easiest next to the FFX's "Grid" system that was time consuming. The system I like the most was FFVIII's "Junction" system that was most challenging and you really had to think about everything you were going to do. That said I enjoyed them all

GameGambits3830d ago

I actually like Hope as a character the most so far. I don't like his weapon is a boomerang, but his art design and voice actor for both USA/Japan is rock solid.

Snow would've been great if his name wasn't Snow...

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A7mmud3831d ago

are the best FF series character ever, I wish FFX is not the last real FF

presto7173831d ago

Chocobo in hair? WTF!! This new cast is nowhere near the characters we got to use in FFVII, FFVIII and FFX. I have my reservations about XIII. Especially since I know I will inevitably compare it to Demon's souls. Hope it measures up. I still think that Versus XIII will be a better game .

Ravage273831d ago

well it's just my opinion, but VS has a better setting,atmosphere and feel to it, coz all this sci-fi 'Star Wars' thingy doesn't look very interesting or inspired to me. Oh btw this is coming from someone who thinks FF8 is the best of the series, so you can see why i prefer VS :)

All those of us who have played Demon's Souls knows it's awesome and is probably the best jrpg released thus far for this gen. However DS is more of an action-rpg, so it is kinda appropriate to use it as a comparison against FF13 don't you think :p

Loxhart3831d ago

You guys come to conclusions too quickly...

Meryl3831d ago

^^ ff8 rules lol and your right ffvs does seem to be the better ff at the moment, ffxiii is trying way too hard to please everyone and as a result we are all gonna end up with a mediocre rpg, with a good battle system and thats it.
sometime i wish for the former square glory days lol

NeoCloud3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Have to see how the new characters turnout, although i know it wont happen, i hope the new FemaleSephiroth will be a party member, it would be like if sephiroth was a party memeber.So i guess it wont happen, i really hope she becomes a great bad guy/gal like sephiroth.