Shatter - Trophy Guide

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Shatter, the latest game from developer Sidhe, exclusive to the PlayStation Network takes classic Arkanoid style brick-breaking to the next level. The game features 18 trophies, consisting of 12 Bronze, 3 Silver, and 3 Hidden trophies. We have the tips, and tricks to help you unlock all 18 trophies…"

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PirateThom3827d ago

This may be one of the best value games on PSN. It's not expensive, but the production values are so high. I even made sure to get the soundtrack, which is AWESOME.

Sev3827d ago

I love everything about this game. It's my favorite PSN title so far. I agree about the soundtrack, the music puts you in a trance while playing.

Expect our review some time this week.

PotNoodle3827d ago

Yep, totally took me by surprise. Its amazing, i wasn't going to buy it at first but the amount of recommendations i kept getting pushed me to get it :p

tommy-cronin3827d ago

Love this game, Couldn't imagine playing it without the music. The Music really makes the game better just like the music in Pixel Junk Eden

ps3gamerkyle3827d ago

I completely agree with you. This game rocks!

Cajun Chicken3827d ago

I've just done a user review of this, incredible game.

Sev3827d ago

Nice review. I just approved it for ya'

Maybe you should come work for us :)

DJ3827d ago

Great job, guys! Can't wait to play it.

Marceles3827d ago

Great guide Sev!...even though I'm the better Shatter player :P (evil laugh)

Sev3827d ago

Check again. I took a big turd on your score :)

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The story is too old to be commented.