Sony PlayStation Brand analysis: 15+ Pro's and Con's (PART II – CON'S)

The follow up post of the second part of the anylasis of the Sony PlayStation Brand. This time around we concentrate of the negative side of the entertainment giant. We suggest you to first read the first part of the analysis which you can find by clicking the link here.


#1 Third party support: PlayStation is currently in a transitioning phase. PlayStation 3 and PSP have had a rough time. Support (or lack there of) caused a lot of damage. Multi-platform games used to look worse on the PS3 and still nowadays it still occurs as a problem. Altough I like the approach of "We don't pay for games" because it shows that Sony is a fairplay-player in this industry, I don't think it smart at the same time. Games make or brake a console. I don't say that Sony should buy exclusives but prevent them for going exclusive. Sony has their own internal studios to back the lack of exclusives and it saves a lot of money, by making money. Get it? Huh, moving on. Furthermore Sony should support their third parties in order to earn third party support. How can they motivate a developer to showcase what the PS3 can do? How can they motivate them to support all functions, etc and etc. It's a tough job but this sure is worth the effort.

#2 Hard learning curve of development: Sony is a pure hardware company and it shows. Truly awesome specs but it doesn't show. By showing the promise but failing to deliver it (in many cases) Sony has a hard time catching up and make people care about the PlayStation 3 as a graphical power-house. Killzone 2 was a start, Gran Turismo 5 and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves are eye-openers but it takes more as a handful of games to set the bar as the place to be for high end graphics on consoles.....

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Marcelles253832d ago

#5 arrogance,
they have a reason to be arrogant coming off the ps2 domination and they back it up

but if you want arrogance go to turn 10 they're arrogant