Chrono Trigger announcement revealed a bit early, but don't get too excited

NE: "Artist Stephanie Laberis had been teasing a Chrono Trigger announcement of sorts for August 11th, though she was able to reveal the mystery a few weeks early."

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SpoonyRedMage4309d ago

Told everyone not to get excited.

knox4309d ago

this is sad, not even news for the psn or anything......i would DIE for a new chrono trigger, loved the first one soooooooooooo much =|

Megaton4308d ago

Learned a long time ago not to get excited about anything Chrono related (and I liked Chrono Cross, a lot). I think the series remaining a stagnant IP is one of the greatest and oldest tragedies in gaming.

snakebite364309d ago

I think it's pretty cool. I love the Chrono Trigger soundtrack.

RockmanII74309d ago

I'm not a big fan of the series, but it would be cool if Chrono Break came out to compete with FF13

Infernostew4309d ago

Why would Square-Enix want to compete against them self?

JonnyBigBoss4309d ago

Bummer. Why don't companies actually do what we think they are, because we obviously want it.

Kushan4309d ago

Call me cynical, but I'd bet whoever is in charge at SE is waiting for the time when the shareholders get pissy with him, so he can then pull out a FF7 remake and look like a hero to the whole company.

ExcelKnight4309d ago

The way things are going, that won't happen for a decade.

Perkel4309d ago

lol @ square

god*****n damn it ! just release Remakes we need ! Yeah music is cool but remake of chrono trigger will sell milions !

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The story is too old to be commented.