GameInformer: Latest Xbox 360 Update Preview


"Last year, Microsoft did something new on the console front by essentially scrapping the UI that the Xbox 360 shipped with and starting over with what it dubbed the New Xbox Experience. The updated front end made it easier to navigate through the system's increasingly crowded online marketplace and added some new functionality, such as giving Netflix subscribers the ability to stream movies directly onto their consoles. And oh yes, let's not forget those wonderful Avatars."

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HuGi3828d ago

After this update will be another with Facebook , Twitter , LAst FM and Zune HD Videos...


Cant wait <3

Damn u Microsoft!

Tee7soo3828d ago

woow i didn't know that nxe was like this , its amazing
PSN doesn't come close to NXE and thats the truth
and i'm a ps3 owner .

psn : play2man

The_Beast3828d ago

the funny thing is, most ps3 owners dont care lmfao

mrv3213828d ago

You do realized you compared Sony's network to an OS... right?! I'm not surprised Sony's service doesn't compared to Microsoft OS(and it's online component)

I admit XBL is better than PSN but not £30 more, so I haven't been online since my free live expired...

PSN allows me to play games the same as live, and in all honesty that's why I want to play games not to tweet or facey it... I want to play GTA IV in private not have the number of the number of prostitutes I've killed come up on all my friends home page thus loosing all my friends.

Mindboggle3828d ago

Its true, and no matter how manu fanboys disagree, the 360 has the far better social gaming experience, and what the PS3 has is a system that just goes online..

Lifendz3828d ago

but I really like the PSN interface. The PS Store is easy to navigate and the XMB is just as simple imo. Besides having that avatar looking at you with that crazy look on its face, is this really that much better?

Andronix3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

@mrv321 "I want to play GTA IV in private not have the number of prostitutes I've killed come up on all my friends home page."

-Whether it was intentional or not, that line was very, very funny!

Both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are adding features. I suspect I wont use everything that is added; but others will so as long as its free, then great! I don't have to use the new stuff, but it will be there if I want it. The more stuff that my PS3/360 can do the better!

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Typical-Guy3828d ago

I like the NXE , it's cool . I wish my PS3 has it .

Tee7soo3828d ago

i agree with you man i'm ready to pay 50 $ for it , i just wish Sony had something similar to NXE on the ps3 .

Typical-Guy3828d ago

I really liked the XMB thing , it was cool on the PSP but now on PS3 is getting boring .

Mindboggle3828d ago

lol the PS3 is boring...Youll get disagrees for speaking the truth though. All PS3 fanboys flock here to be with all the same pathetic fanboys to try and argue invalid points..

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The story is too old to be commented.