Trusty Bell trailer

Here comes a brand new trailer of Trusty Bell.

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eques judicii4195d ago

ugh... when's this coming to america..

Sphinx4195d ago

but first I have to finish Enchanted Arm... so I'll have to rent it again, or bite the bullet and just buy it.

eques judicii4195d ago

haha, i'm in the same boat... i couldn't beat the ice queen at the end so went out to finish leveling up... now i'm on the bottom end of the holy beast shrine... its taking me forever to get through it... but by the end i'll have so much HP that the ice queen will have nothing on me.

Sphinx4195d ago

and only got around 30% through the game. It doesn't seem to hard now, but I'm worried it'll get really hard towards the end. Any tips for levelling up?

eques judicii4195d ago

is to explore but stay out of the altars until you have gotten through to the god orbs.. then go back, collect the god orbs and THEN go to those altar thingies...

then go to the holy beast shrine... its like a 12+ layer dungeon that gets really hard towards the end (no more 1 turn kills)

i haven't really used any of the golems as the main characters seem to be the most powerful (best spells... etc...) but remember, each stat (except HP and MP) maxes out at 999 so don't waste too much SP in each stat if you plan on leveling past 70... (i'm at level 72 and the most useful stats are all maxed out so i'm just adding HP)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4195d ago

is it any fun, how's the gameplay? :)

eques judicii4195d ago

its... ok...

its kinda fun and kinda dorky at the same time... I like the battle system a lot but its not super deep once you figure out what all the accronyms stand for. The story is a little dry, but not horrible... i've put almost 80 hours into it so its a little longer than a rental... just make sure you avoid the "bad" ending, stick to your characters guns, don't let Toya talk you into anything!!!

Anyhow, its enjoyable and yet forgetable at the same time.

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Vojkan4195d ago

It seems that new triple AAA IP is born. I am not biggest fan of JPRG but this game looks so good and battle system seems interesting. Story seems to be very deep, characters are very colorful. Lol also i noticed some voices that i heard in many Anime shows that i have seen.

BTW am i wrong or was there a rumor that this is only time exclusive?

eques judicii4195d ago

the rumor came about because the ESRB posted a rating for this game for both the xbox 360 and ps3.. but they have since brought that listing down... so it still remains just a rumor. (this same thing happened with GTA:SA for the gamecube...)

JasonXE4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

if anything I'm definitely considering buying this game. Hopefully they'll come out with a soundtrack cd for it so I can buy it. Seems to have a good storyline, music, gameplay and battle....what more do you want?

CrazzyMan4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

such a good(probably) game can`t go multiplatform, because then more people would play this game. =))

p.s. this would also hurt some other people feelings. =)))

JasonXE4195d ago

game quality doesn't decline then I don't care if it goes mult-p. It be fun if everyone can enjoy it. It'll also be cool if there was a co op through the story and you can join forces with xbl & ps3 people. Oh well...wishful thinking.

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power of Green 4195d ago

Seeing better quality images and in motion makes so much differerce its like watching anime but with better artwork. Looks stellar!. Never seem anything like it. Man that kid fuced that chipmonk moster up.

Dick Jones4195d ago

From screenshots, i just kept an eye on it. But to see it in motion, it looks soo good. This trailer just confirmed my purchase.

predator4195d ago

looks really good, the trailer would be even better if i could bloody understand

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