Metal Gear Solid Rising Theories

XboxEvolved writes: "Every title has a meaning, and "Rising" may mean a lot of things. Quite Frankly, nobody knows anything other than Raiden taking helm of main character of the game. We do know that Raiden means God of thunder and lightning in Japan. The story is very mysterious right now; it's anyone's guess at this point."

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KionicWarlord2223829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I thought this was going show me some theory`s of what the game is .


Oh i was wrong it did .

KionicWarlord2223829d ago

Oh there three....pages .

Big fail on my part .

FamilyGuy3829d ago

It seems obvious to me that this games story will focus on Raiden becoming a cyborg ninja. Rising to the powerful/war damaged state he's in. The story-line will probably start before the first metal gear solid but just as a recap and the parts we actually play are of his escapades between 3 and 4.

dragunrising3829d ago

Game Informer (in their latest issue) seemed to insinuate that Metal Gear Rising may take place before MGS4.

This theory makes sense to me, mainly, because there are large chunks of MGS4 that allude to Raidens adventures prior.

JoySticksFTW3828d ago

Like how Raiden becomes a "Scout", drunken Raiden and his break-up with Rose, His adventures in finding Sunny, who's that doctor (can't remember the name) that he mentions in MGS4 who was able to give him kidney dialysis, him hooking up with Big Mama....

All of that cool sh!t up there needs to be addressed.


What's funny is at the end of MGS4 (after the rolling credits, the father / son conversation, and dying man / friend conversation), the very last thing the player sees is Sunny cracking those eggs into the frying pan. She says...

"They look... yummy. Sort of like the sun. It's RISING again."

Leads me to believe that MG:Rising was definitely already planned, and possibly deep into development by the Kojima's other team.

Aw, yeah... we should be seeing this game soon. :)

And with the MGS4 team on Peace-walker, great time for Metal Gear fans!

beavis4play3828d ago

no going back and filling in raidens story. this really would only work for fans who have followed the series on playstation. why would they fill in story parts that many xbox/360 fans won't be familiar with? it's for this reason that i think "rising" hints at a completely new storyline with Raiden as the lead.

Microsoft Xbox 3603828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

That's what happens when you're a first post whore.

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CarlosX3603829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Its nice, but it needs work.

FamilyGuy3829d ago

I've seen better, what's with the ghey gray crescent? They say it'd look fine on either system but they're wrong.

Blaze9293829d ago

well clearly if you owned an Xbox 360, which apparently you dont, you would know that that design fits in with the New Xbox Experience's overall design to match. I put it on my 360 just now and must say it wasn't bad at all.

FamilyGuy3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

What part of that ^ did you not understand?

It does NOT look good on either console, only on the 360. Which makes sens as its a xbox site but why say that it looks good on the PS3 too when it does not?

"made specifically for use on PS3 or Xbox 360, but should look just fine on any widescreen monitor. Enjoy."

Screw it, you're right, they said "just fine"

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LordMarius3829d ago

lol, what would a 360 site know about MGS

user39158003829d ago

Unlike [email protected] Nelson M, I can see a franchise for what it is, and I most tell you there was only 2 titles that I was interest in from the PS3, MGS 4 AND LITTLE BIG PLANET.

End result was that MGS4 was nothing more than a game that copy Advent Rising with all the scene and lack of gameplay, little big planet was nothing short of cute and a worthless gaming experience.

PS3 its collecting dust, because the 360 its the better system.

MGS lost its way since MGS3 on ps2, the xbox version was garbage.

Whats good about the next content of MGS? Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites telling how great that crap actually is and receiving ridiculous numbers on metacritics.

ssipmraw3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

"MGS lost its way since MGS3 on ps2,"

the OP is right bots dont know anything about metal gear...

CarlosX3603828d ago

But the writer behind the article is a huge Metal Gear fan. That'd be me.

ShadowCK3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

So just because it's an Xbox 360 Site this automatically means that they know nothing about Metal Gear Solid? Lol. There are some people in this world who have both consoles. You little nerd.

In conclusion MariusElijah, You...

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lloyd_wonder3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I was going to say the same thing. What does some bot site know about MGS? It'll sell a million on the 360 - tops. 3.5mil on the PS3.

fccking bot site

The Xbox Empire3829d ago

I hope you actually believe that so you can get real good and shocked when it releases.

Shmotz3829d ago

Detailing how Raiden rises to a Cyborg Ninja I bet.

Also the article says that the MGS4 team is on it when they are not in fact,its a team of New bloods per Kojima(MGS4 team is on MGS:PW). Its on a multi plat engine.

hulk_bash19873829d ago

The MGS4 team is hard at work with MGS Peace Walker, which I am very much looking forward to. But I am also excited to see what direction this new dev team is going to take MGS Rising. The Raiden-Vamp action sequence in MGS4 sparks the imagination of the potential of this new Metal Gear outing.

cyclindk3829d ago

Your avatar makes me wish it was a story about how that "fox" guy became a cyborg, (Grey Fox?); you get to play through his story prior to and INCLUDING his role in the Shadow Moses incident... that would be freaking awesome.

Shmotz3829d ago

I'd also love a game that was pretty much all the battles Snake and Grey Fox were in together.

cayal3829d ago

That Kenichiro Imaizumi has been involved in some damn good games.

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