Leaked Xbox 360 Avatar Golf Footage Nothing New -- No "Xbox 360 Sports"

From Xbox Evolved:

"Earlier this week we reported on a leaked video showing Avatars playing golf. Turns out, its nothing new. "

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Blaze9293828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

That's that.

FG3828d ago

I'm sure that they'll steal another idea later down this console generation.

Pizzagaki3828d ago

They will also come up with some fine new idea's, that the competition will steal.

LordMarius3828d ago

Why do these Avatars have an effeminate pose

Mo0eY3828d ago

That's Gay Tony. He's here to celebrate the release of GTA DLC this winter.

foreverflame3828d ago

At least this game is in HD, Wii owners have to play this in SD..LOL!!!!!!

coolirisGB3828d ago

Stupid story what's the point? sounds bitter.

Wii is the first to have avatars playing golf. sarcasm

coolirisGB3828d ago

What's with the disagrees? did somebody from Xbox land say avatar golf was first on 360?

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