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KionicWarlord2223836d ago

I didn't know a cricket bat was in l4d2 .

Xbox Avatars Shoe3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

New weapons and stuff are cool but I don't believe them when they say "Too much content for DLC or a patch".


You couldn't release DLC just for some new weapons and more levels? I'm pretty sure that's exactly what DLC is; new levels and/or weapons. The gameplay is going to be almost identical, but just in some new maps. it's gonna be almost identical to L4D 1 but with essentially a $10 map pack.

You couldn't release a patch for improved AI? I'm pretty sure that's exactly what a patch is; engine improvements. Minor tweaks can easily be patched. It's not like they're overhauling the engine or drastically improving it.

There was zero support for the first game beside a Horde type mode but not even close to as good. I don't know if I'm willing to give $60 for something that could easily have been $10-20 worth of DLC and a patch. Seriously, 5 new maps should just be DLC, not a whole new $60 full game and minor to mild tweaks should definitely just be a patch! Not to mention this is going to split-up the community.

I'm not happy with $10-20 worth of content for $60,

People are complaining about ODST not being a big game but at least it offers a whole new campaign with highly new gameplay elements. ODST may be short, but at least it's much different than the last game. ODST also includes $30 worth of DLC so that helps justify the $60 price. It's not just Halo 3's campaign with a couple slightly different maps, it's entirely new.

Once Upon a Fable3836d ago

This one is going to be a lot better than the first.

FanBoyismShouldDie3835d ago

i honestly can't say i agree with the boycotters and can't wait to buy this for the 360, and it seems all the boycotters are pc users-if they don't want to buy it just pirate it lol, sure they didn't drastically change the gameplay but why fix what isn't broken, they did improve the gameplay quite a bit, added lots of stuff, and a year later(almost) is good for a sequel imo, lol i hope i don't sound like an ass, just simply stating my opinion.