If Apple entered the gaming industry...

Gametime is back with another week of UK Gaming flavor; check out what might possible be the weirdest and funniest episode of GameTime to have ever been produced. This weeks show includes all the latest console news, UK charts and of course Swiff's Rant. The main debate topic this week was "Would Apple oppose Microsoft if they entered the console market".

Also on the show
- Little Big Planet reaches over 1 Million user created levels
- A Grand Theft Auto Movie is possible with Rockstar's Involvement
- Halo Legends: Halo Animie Action
- Mass Effect gets a comic
- Plus More

Also look out for the review of Street Fighter IV in the extra video.

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Natsu X FairyTail3835d ago

"Would apple eliminate Microsoft as competition if they made a console?"


KionicWarlord2223835d ago

I wonder if it would be really really expensive.

shocky163835d ago

Then their first target would be Sony, even though this will never happen it's pretty obvious they would target the console with the slowest sales, install base,etc.

Simon_Brezhnev3834d ago

lol so the ps2 has a small install base?

madpuppy3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

It would only be twice a powerful as a Wii and you wouldn't be able to hook it up to anything other than a authentic Apple monitor that uses a proprietary connector.
you would only be able to buy games through i-Tunes and the games would be 60.00 for casual games (castle crashers, breakout, everyday shooter type games), 100.00 for "full" games (FPS, rts,3rd person) and 150.00 for the Steve Jobs collection of games, they are no different than any of the other games other than mentioning Steve Jobs. they are for the dedicated Apple apologists that think a soldered in battery in the i-phone is a plus and will gladly send it to Apple to have it "serviced" ( replacing battery) for 80.00. or that have to go out and replace their apple products every 6 months because a new model came out with a minor change.


mistajeff3834d ago

They ARE making a console. And still, no.

3834d ago
njr3834d ago

It would basically be an expensive Wii.

Blaze9293834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I dont thin many people would like idea of a new console model every year with better specs and exclusive features and lower prices each time. *cough iPhone*

Natsu X FairyTail3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

lol @ the 5 Disagrees I got on my 1st comment!

Microsoft is here to Stay and Apple wouldnt be able to eliminate MS on this field.

and the fanboys that are Disagreeing with me are as stupid as the guy who made the Headline on this article


the real article goes as follow

"Would Apple oppose Microsoft if they entered the console market"

DeadlyFire3834d ago

I say if they make a console as popular as the Ipod then its possible someone will be kicked out of the next platform war with OnLive, GaiKai, OTOY, Playcast, NES 6, PS4, Xbox 720, possible Apple console coming. Someone might be pushed out of the picture. Likely if its Microsoft they will not die even if they had 5 bad console generations. Sony or Nintendo though I don't know.

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Mr.Mister3835d ago

no cause see the iphone is suppose to be vs ds and psp . and it didnt make any impact at all and i bet people forgot that it was even a competitor.
so if they keep the same strategy well then it wouldnt anything again ms

PirateThom3834d ago

The only thing Apple have in their favour is the sheer number of fanboys they have in their corner.

TheColbertinator3834d ago

Wait wait GametimeUK on N4G has a site? Friggin weird

outlawlife3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

im sure their hardware would be pretty, with inferior specs and twice the price

just like every macbook, which is why I still don't own a mac

3 grand for a computer I can buy for a third of that just because it it doesn't have an apple anywhere on it

prices of macs used to be somewhat understandable when they were actually different but since the Intel switch there continues to be less and less difference between mac and PC

I'm currently running windows 7 and I can't see how exactly MacOs is supposedly superior to it, 7 is quite fantastic, therefore a price difference that large is not justified

I really hope Apple doesn't make consoles because they will just have a product that is praised simply for being pretty and expensive, not because it functions better than the rest

walkinghome63834d ago

Apple probably wouldn't want to gamble all that money up front on a new console when it's doing so well now.

But I don't agree with you when you talk about the price of Apple's computers. First off there is not a computer on the market with a OS that can support 32GBs of RAM.

Also there isn't one that matches the CPU performace cheaper than a Mac Pro.

Also Apple computers have the best resale value of any computer company on the market. So when you buy a laptop you can resale it 5 years later for about 30% of what you paid.

Also no virus software required.

Also Window 7 runs just as good on an Apple computer as it does on any other.

Last Windows 7 is the best windows yet, but it's just now catching Mac OS Leopard. Snow Leopard is way faster, along with Safari 4 being way faster than anyother web browser out.

outlawlife3834d ago

actually you need to do some research and just look at how much ram vista 64 ultimate and windows 7 ultimate can use

somewhere around 128GB I do believe

also mac are not impervious to viruses, in fact a mac specific virus hit the web not long ago

more viruses on a windows system is simply due to the sheer number of people using the system, people being wreckless with email attachments, the fact that if you want a virus to attack something you go for the biggest

just because your mac may not get a virus doesn't mean it can't

resale values don't matter much in the PC world, not to many folks are in the market for 3 year old computers

there are plenty of PCs that match performance vs price, and also go look at some browser figures there are several that compete with safari and even some that beat it in some areas

I'm not bashing mac or apple but you have to look at things realistically, and the prices just are not

the same goes for all apple hardware from ipods to iphones, everything is way over priced

look up some figures on how much it costs to make an ipod compared to what it is sold for, apple is making over 100% profit just because people buy into the marketing

Kyur4ThePain3834d ago

Outlaw, if that isn't the most fundamental, foundational principle of business, I don't know what is.
It's almost as if you want every business to sell every product at cost. Does it REALLY cost $48K to build a Merc E Class? Or $18K to build a VW Jetta? Hell no!

Every product sold is sold on the basis of perceived value. And looking at their most recent quarterly figures, the general public sees a whole lot of value in their products.

As for a console? I hope not. I would rather they focus on their core business and not get distracted.

walkinghome63834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

See every mac ships with the best version of Mac OS X, you don't have to pay extra to get the best features.

There are no computers, NONE, that support 64GBs of RAM or more in the PC market. The Mac Pro actually does 32 now. The only PC on the market that is close to what a Mac Pro can do is one of Dells machines, but it just matches the dual processor support, but not the thru put of the system. And also that system is alot more than a Mac Pro.

Also back on the Window 7 thing, 10.5 has Windows 7 beat on ease of use for networking and screen sharing hands down.

On the resale thing, you missed the point all around, resale matters to the person who is buying a new computer, so when they sell there investment they get a better % of what they paid for it new back. The used mac market is very big, that is a good reason why they are better.

On the Safari thing, you do your reserach, Safari runs Java script faster than any web browser as of a week ago.

There can be a virus for any system, but how many issues does Bestbuy Geeksquad deal with that are software related. You have to protect your self on a PC, that is all there is to it. You don't in OS X.

Also with them being crafted from Aluminum and Glass they look way better 5 years down the road compared to a plastic enclosure and a plastic screen that just about every other computer company uses.

They are also the Greenest computers on the market, you may not care, but it matters alot because people go through alot of computers in their life time. It's good that apple goes through the trouble to make that happen.
Apple computers are all around better, hands down. There I said it.

Any one who thinks other wise just sees a price and doesn't know any better.

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