Gears of War COG and Locust Armor coming to Xbox Live Avatars

During the Gearsiverse panel at Comic-Con, Epic's Cliff Bleszinski and Ron Fergusson revealed that there will be Gears of War-themed armor of both the COG and Locust variety coming to XBL Avatars soon. One rule that Microsoft imposes on Avatar clothing and models is that they "can't look inhuman," according to Bleszinski. So they pieced together a workaround set of Locust armor that you can check out beyond the break.

Look for these new Avatar upgrades to be available when the next Xbox Live dashboard update becomes available soon. Meanwhile, we're going to scurry out to our preview builds to see if they're already available

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JokesOnYou3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Looks pretty cool, but meh'....I refuse to pay for some damm Avatar clothes....unfortunately the free stuff available is so generic, I dont care much about Avatars but just seeing mine everytime I turn on my 360, I do want to have one that looks interesting, its just the principle really and hopefully I don't break down and buy it just for the hell of it. I swear if they made this stuff free and only attainable through achievements it would be a much better selling point for the games/avatars gimmick, I mean imagine you could only get a certain helmet or armor by getting a certain achievement through playing the game....everybody already loves getting achievements, but that would add a certain sense of ownership to them.


Blaze9293831d ago

This looks badass. We dunno if this will come with a charge (likely) but it would be sweet if it came with Dark Corners or at least as an achievement unlock for the Dark Corners achievements.

I agree though, paying for virtual stuff no one will really see if really lame. You can only show it off to your friends since people not on your friends list can still only see your gamer picture and not avatar (change in future update?). Then with friends, they can still only see your avatar in the friends "tab" from the dashboard. So really paying is pointless, even if it was a penny.

Interesting though:

One rule that Microsoft imposes on Avatar clothing and models is that they "can't look inhuman,"

Wonder why Microsoft made that rule, don't want to scare the casual crowd they are aiming at with freaky mutant clothing lol. I'd love to dress my avatar as L4D2's Spitter:


mrv3213831d ago

I think microsoft made that rule for the casual crowd.

mintaro3831d ago

I'm waiting for the Chief

cherrypie3831d ago

I dont think paying for this stuff is that big-a-deal, its only like $2-4.. no big deal.

I'd think that you'll see this kind of stuff end up as Awardables (props too).

I may be tempted to pay $2-4 for a Halo ODST suit...

FantasyStar3831d ago

Just like fast food. The gaming industry isn't hurting too badly compared to other parts of our society. We, as people, need to do our duty and cut back on reckless spending into one area and diversify ourselves accordingly. People in the construction industry can sure use our support financially, so that more people aren't laid off in sectors where it's tough to find work. Why not pay someone to install new roofs for your house? Or buy a new furniture to replace the old one and hand the one to a family that doesn't even have furniture. There are far better ways to spend those $2-$4 than on virtual clothes that can disappear in a whim.

ElementX3831d ago

What about Sony nickle and diming for Home stuff? Same thing.

ps3d03831d ago

it could be part of the awards but I doubt it and you have to be a real freak about gow2 to get "serious 2.0"

cant look inhuman I guess that mean we'll never see darth vader, boba fett or a stromtrooper/clone trooper

king dong33830d ago

i never do anything with my avatar, but i will make an exception if this hits.

i just hope they dont water down the armour to much. having my avatar wearing full cog armour would be pretty cool..and yes i will buy it straight away..

kewlkat0073830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I guess it's kewl and all but not spending money on little sh1t like that. To me, is not worth it. People should be allowed to create stuff and have MS update it on there.

What about EPIC makes some type of achievement in Gears that unlocks clothes and different armor or something....

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NewZealander3831d ago

ohhh sweet im the type of person that hates wearing the same thing as everyone else, but ill make an exception this time!

-MD-3831d ago

Now that's cool right there.

3831d ago
KionicWarlord2223831d ago


All Time Greatness3831d ago

I agree, I hope they do all Exclusives and 3rd party games too...and then you can use them in avatar themed games...will be sweet.

I'm getting the COG armor, might how my dude look a little more manly.

KionicWarlord2223831d ago

I hope my leg goes in a bit . The avatars stance is pretty hilarious at times.

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