VGChartz: Little King's Story Review

Karl Koebke writes: "Little King's Story is a hilarious and engaging Pikmin style Real Time Strategy game that has some of the largest ups and downs of a game I have reviewed. There were some times where I literally threw the game case across the room because I failed something for the 10th time in a row, but there were also boss fights that were so inventive and memorable that I totally forgot about the annoyance I had felt before. I am happy to report that Little King's Story was completely worth the wait, so if you have forgotten about it thanks to all of the delays it's safe to say you can put it back on your wishlist now."

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Homicide3829d ago

This and Muramasa are my most wanted Wii games. Great review.

SpoonyRedMage3829d ago

My most wanted is Crystal Bearers right now... game looks amazing.

This game's great as well though.

bmw693829d ago

Great review - I love this game!!

gravv3829d ago

this gonna be my favorite wii games by far
cant wait it to arrive

Smacktard3829d ago

I'm having an absolute blast with this game. It's like Pikmin, but with a much larger sense of accomplishment and exploration.