Saddest-Looking Game Room Setups

WiiLand - "Too broke for HDTV? Gaming on the cheap? Boost your morale by laughing at other people's sad-looking gaming setups. Ghetto-fabulous!!!"

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Spike473828d ago

I'm gonna go hug my Sony trinitron lol

lociefer3828d ago

lol my setup is nearly identical as the 2nd pic, i feel so down

Maddens Raiders3828d ago

and now I see why most of the world is so in love with the status quo when it comes to vg' much apathy in those photos....

^^ don't feel bad, you've got to go with what you've got...

funny title

Panthers3828d ago

They may not be HD, but some of those TVs are decent. I mean they are a good size. I would rather have a larger SD TV than a very small HD. I used to have a 23" HDTV and it blew.

Now I have a 32" Vizio and I must say people underestimate Vizio. Its a 32" Plasma and it has the best picture of any 32" I have seen. Perfect for my room.

evrfighter3828d ago

last pic is pretty beast. not bad at all

Darkeyes3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Wow, I really pity the first guy.... Boy I hope he doesn't play a co-op game on that.. lol.

That 5th picture is what really intrigues me.... That guy has a library of over 50 games, a PSP and an PS3 and yet can't afford a small HDTV... Looks like he really loves his SDTV.

... *Goes and kisses his 42" Plasma*

SRU96003828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I have a very nice home theater, but I would never laugh at someone's setup, no matter how bad it was.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford expensive things.

FarEastOrient3828d ago

Wow, I'm stuck in a warzone called Iraq and this is worst than some of the setups over here.

swingingape3828d ago

we need a home show make-over STAT!!

IaMs123827d ago

Oh come on lol some of those are hilarious tho especially the speakers one hanging from the wall. Some of my friends have similar setups just hooked up to regular TV and you dont need HDTV to have fun gaming at all, although it is nice to be able to read some of the words lol

Montrealien3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I love how some of you feel the need to kiss your TVs.

You are not your TV, you are not your f*cking kakies!

I see a few old shots in there lacking next gen stuff. That guy playing GT3 waiting for GT4 to come out has a very decent setup.

*goes and punches a wall*

Real Gambler3827d ago

Put everything in perspective doesn't it? There's people arguing about a missing pixel, or shadow, or line. While other do what they have to to play and surely enjoy their games.

Surely make me feel extremely lucky too.

TheCagyDies3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

it's ok, I guess...

Edit: Never mind, N4G is not uploading my picture...

JoySticksFTW3827d ago

Towel on the floor, lone picture on the wall, empty chicken pot pie box lying on the floor, still rocking a gamecube -- that pic screams "Help Me! I've been abducted!"

No, seriously - it looks like Saw: Rebirth in that room!

Jigsaw "To escape this basement alive, you must play this game through from beginning to end without dying. If your character dies, you die. You may commence."

Kid "Wait! What game is it?"

Jigsaw "Ninja Gaiden!"

Kid "Noooooo!!!"

Product3827d ago

Funny article. These are sad, but then again i don't play people. Times are tough for some in this economy.

el_bandito3827d ago

Yea.. They're asking for the "humble" game room setups, and probably a few would just make up some really awful setups just for laughs, such as the 1st pic.

The 6th pic is hilariously "ingenious" though. Are those speakers? So much for surround-sound system....

andron3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I couldn't afford a HDTV and a PS3 at the same time, so I chose to get the PS3 first. It functioned ok, but I wouldn't go back now I have a Sony Bravia LOL...

Edit: And yeah the cellar gamecube setup was way creepy...

BrotherNick3827d ago

If I wasn't trying to immigrate to canada maybe I'd buy more stuff.

GameGambits3827d ago

The last pic is the saddest, because if you can afford 800 SDTVs then why not break out for 1 great HDTV already.

pppppeach3827d ago

I got two 52" fullhd tv's one for my 360 and one for my ps3...

SaiyanFury3827d ago

The pic with the speakers hanging from the walls and ceiling made me laugh the hardest. While most of those setups were decent enough, some of them are pretty ghetto. :P

Dandiego3827d ago

I hope these are not the people saying the graphics look better on PS3 or Xbox 360...

N4Flamers3827d ago

These are die hard gamers that love games and want to play no matter what. All they care about is having fun and playing. Cheers.

Some people need some kind of video game charity or something. Im calling the home and garden channel maybe we can get a remodeling.

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na-no-nai3828d ago

well you gotta do what you gotta do just to play game.
i dont have a hdtv in my room so its fine i guess. but in my bro room he have a hdtv with his ps3. i have a wii in my room

Sheikh Yerbouti3827d ago

most of those are pretty respectable. Also respectable if your wife keeps your hobby out of the living room or den.

tinman_licks3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Before people go high-fiving each other over their HD setups and laughing at those poor SD mooks, seems like everyone needs a little reminder that most of America don't own HDTVs -- 66% stick rock the SD.

Don't believe me, read it yourself


Let's see how funny it still is when your living room gets plastered on a video games website.

Megaton3828d ago

I'm still rockin' the SD, but mine isn't as small as those. My friend was using a 10' SDTV for his 360 until he bought a 37' HDTV.

ASSASSYN 36o3828d ago

Wow 10 feet! Thats a huge SDTV! And then he got a 37 foot wide HDTV wow! J/k

C_SoL3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

for cracking me up without laughing because I don't wanna wake up my family.

Oh man that was hard to hold in.

But ya, on topic the 6th one is the best one. That's how I have my set up. Actually that's my room to tell you people the truth.

Donate people so I can't get a HDTV with a 7.1 surround sound system.

Thank You

Aclay3828d ago

LMFAO @ the pic! I honestly thought that more people that owned PS3's/360's would have had them hooked up to HDTV's since the prices of them have gone down so much, but I guess the prices have go down a little bit more.

When I first got my PS3 in Dec. 2006, I had it hooked up to a 20" SDTV for a year and I got a small 23" Samsung HDTV, and just last month I upgraded to a 40" 1080p Samsung. I hope that more gamers find the means to go HD in the near future, it's just awesome.

Toenado3827d ago

Had my ps3 hooked up to an sd tv for the first six months. After having it hooked up to my hdtv for the last year ive been amazed time and time again. I would freak out if my hdtv broke.

Nihilism3828d ago

i wish i'd kept all my old consoles like alot of these peeps......