Gossip Gamers Response to Microsoft's Reasons to Purchase Windows 7

Microsoft recently announced a few reasons why PC gamers should purchase Windows 7. According to a test conducted by Gossip Gamers, the results were less than satisfying and the reasons aren't quite legitimate.

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mrv3213833d ago

7 reason to buy Win7 here's one to not to buy WIN7

YOU BOUGHT VISTA! Why should WE pay even more because we trusted you... if I brought out a car and the breaks don't work and some stereos aren't supported then bring out a new car which works, is fully supported and goes faster and ask you to buy it you'll say 'NO, fix my old car... that I recently bought'

Was Vista just something shiny microsoft used to get everyone to upgrade so they could sell effectively a fix?

KionicWarlord2223833d ago

You did use Win 7 RC right ?

Elven63833d ago

You probably haven't been using OS's for a while then, not every OS is perfect, so far it seems like Windows 7 is really going to make up for what Vista did.

Regarding the article, weren't these reasons ones IGN staffers wrote and not Microsoft?

Eddie201013833d ago

How does it make up for Vista, a operating system that never really functioned as advertised and has only been out two years. Windows 7 is what vista should have been. Vista should not have been a broken operating system that people paid good money for. Now they expect everyone to pay for Windows 7 that basically fixed the problems with Windows Vista.

Seems they did the same thing with Windows Me, which was also broken and people paid good money for. Then they released Windows XP a short time after, which did function properly and they expected us to pay more good money for.

Seems to be a trend with Microsoft.

dirthurts3833d ago

You guys have actually tried Vista right? I think people bash Vista because it's the cool thing to do. But honestly, it's came around nicely. Much better than originally. If you have problems, it's probably your old, slow hardware...
Don't blame that on MS
I think windows 7 will be great.

Montrealien3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I skipped Vista, just because I was fine with my XP media center edition. I just just installed Windows 7 and I must say, wow.

and another thing am I the only one to notice that this is the windows release with the least negative buzz ever? I have never seen a windows getting so much positive feedback since forever.

SaiyanFury3833d ago

I had a laptop that came preloaded with Vista and after two months, it devoured my antivirus to the point where I couldn't reinstall it. Vista also ate my touchpad and sound drivers. So I promptly reinstalled Windows XP on it and voila, no more Vista related problems. Now as for Windows 7, it's fast and functional with wonderful native driver support. Since I never bought Vista, I won't feel burned about picking up Windows 7 when it's released.

TheIneffableBob3833d ago

There is little wrong with Vista after the service packs were released.

And Windows 7 will release a full 3 years after Vista's launch.

hay3833d ago

@dirthurts: I work on Vista at soft-dev company. It's slow, fails often and file access is slow as constipation.

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da305kratos3833d ago

I've been using the RC for a couple weeks now, its been great for me when it comes to gaming. Games run alot better and smoother at higher settings. Gears of war runs between ~20-25 fps all on high, no shadows, 800x600 ati hd3200 on board in Windows 7 when i could barely run it on low at the same resolution on Vista. FPS are over the roof sometimes near 100 in half life 2 also...looking forward to trying more games on it.

AMD zm-80
ATI hd3200
4 Gigs of ram
Windows 7 64-bit RC

Vecta3833d ago

Thank god Gossip gamers did a test... with there expert analysis skills I'm sure whatever they made up is true.

badkolo3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

windows retail is out there, and boy is it incredible, better then rc and just plain incredible.

After removing some stuff and shutting off features i never use, windows 7 is faster and more stable then i expected in every way packed with nifty new features.

HDgamer3833d ago

Vista is a failure, I expect the same from 7 then another OS comes out. Just watch, history repeats itself then they get it right once.

KionicWarlord2223833d ago

Windows 7 will be pretty good .

sukru3833d ago

I agree. It will be great.

I had a small doubt that MS would add some "last minute stuff" and break all the goodness, but fortunately there will be no more changes :)

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