MW2 Boycott on the Horizon?

TGN writes,"PC Gamers worldwide are gearing up for a potential boycott of Modern Warfare 2 after the announced price hike by Activision. At the time of this news posting, almost 68% of respondents say that they will not support the newer, higher price. Most say that Activision's excuse about the weakness of world currency is not to blame, and they refuse to pay the higher price.

"According to a straw poll conducted here on the Total Gaming Network, it is clear that the majority of PC gamers will not support the price hike on Modern Warfare 2.

"Some, however, do agree with the decision and say the additional $10 or $15 will not deter them from purchasing the game, while others say that they will follow their standard purchasing pattern and buy the game when retailers sell it for a discount."

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mrv3214995d ago

Do PC gamers really boycott with all this bit torrent sites? If they don't like something they can just get the game free. Treat your PC gamers right or don't bother making PC games.

badz1494995d ago

this is so funny! boycott against activision? count me in!

Mozilla894995d ago

Or for the consoles as well? Activision seems to be making some dumb moves recently.

Pandamobile4995d ago

Yes, the console version will still be more expensive than the PC version.

bnaked4995d ago

WTF? These PC gamers must be idiots.. I would buy it for 100 bucks.. damn it's Modern Warfare 2!!!!!!!

silvacrest4995d ago

i love MGS4, its probably my fav game of all time but i wouldnt even consider buying it for $100

ape0074995d ago

anyone gonna boycott mw2,I mean it's an unbelievable game,I know some news sounds a bit bitter but come on man

uie4rhig4995d ago

people that buy this game must be crazy.. i know i won't be buying it unless it is for less than £40 (usual price for new games for me).. tbh, if this sells well, people are going to follow.. other companies will start with such pricing as well..
i gotta give it Activision tho, they picked a good game to experiment on.. hmm! meh aint gonna get more than £40 from me!

RememberThe3574995d ago

They're trying to milk PC gamers.

Rapture3334995d ago

Well how much is this gonna cost? USD wise? I'm sorry I'm not to good with Euros...

menoyou4995d ago

I'm in. This is BS. It's bad enough this game isn't a step up at all from the first one and Killzone 2 still looks way better. But to try to charge me more for this outdated FPS? Yea right. Cyaaaa.

bnaked4995d ago

lol I got disagrees.. Why? I am German, and if you want to buy a PS3 game in germany, you must pay 100$ = 70€.. So what is your problem? huh? You should be happy! damn!!!

mrv3214995d ago

I did some looking around... yeah I know google is my friend, and I abuse him.

IF Activision are using this for a test why are they choosing a game THEY know will sell and the results will have no relevenace because they have no base sample. If they did this with singularity THEN it might be a test but this is just milking.

JonnyBigBoss4995d ago

Not with games that are made for multi-player. You need a cd-key, and that requires the purchase of the game.

mrv3214995d ago

jleack I'm sure they will find away around it, such as xlink parties... someway of tricking COD 6 into thinking it's a Local connection instead of Internet...

IzKyD13314995d ago

An internet boycott is about as useless as internet boycott, no company actually takes them seriously.

pppppeach4995d ago

You can wait and buy it cheaper...

velaxun4995d ago

That mindset of yours is why they feel they can get away with jacking up the price. People will say "well it's Modern Warfare so I gotta get it" You boys ready to see the Spore piracy numbers get eclipsed?

evrfighter4995d ago

It's good to see the gamers coming together and at least giving Activision the finger. It may not do much but it's better than bending over with a cheesy grin on your face.

I will only purchase this over steam and not a penny more than $50. To buy it digitally for over that amount would be a disgrace to pc gaming.

Rhythmattic4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

Opps. Wrong Post..

rucky4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

You must still on your parents payroll to think that something like this is ok. Get a real job and learn the true value of money.

ps3d04995d ago

the people saying they wont buy it be the one 1st in line to buy it(well I'm not buying it but its cause I hate fps). As for them "milking pc gamers" console gamers have been paying this for years.

RussDeBuss4995d ago

Well as it's no big step forward from cod4 i will only rent it (PS3 owner) for the single player. I got bored of cod4 multiplayer pretty quick and preffered bad company online and with bad company 2 out not long after mw2 i will save my money to buy that.

Scelestus4994d ago

These people demand a PS3 price drop and threaten to boycott a console that already makes a loss on every sale... and then they hike the price of their games because of the economy? What goes around comes around. I'll buy this game second hand and then lend it to everyone I know.

prunchess4994d ago

But I'll hold off for a while on buying it if the game is going to be more expensive than other new titles.

I've still plenty of FPSers (Killzone, COD WAW, Resistance 2 and COD MW) in my games library. I can wait a few months until the price drops.

Only a fool would rush out and pay over the odds for a new title in the current economic conditions. All that they are ensuring is a games price hike.

Look_Behind4994d ago

Ill buy this but I'm not buying another game off Activision for at least a year, Im getting it off for £45 although it does say RRP £55 :

ElijiaAmaya4989d ago

Anyone that decides to pay more than the regular price for that game should consider themselves corporate B****es. If we pay more for this game then every other game developer is going to jump on board with the price hike. I'm not some rich spoil little brat kid whose parents buy him everything he wants. I work for a living and I work hard for my money. Give the working man a break! We are in a recession people! The prices should be going down not up! This is crazy! $60 is a lot of money. These guys are making buhkooh dollars. I WILL NOT buy they game if they charge more. I will pirate the damn thing and stick it to "the man"!

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Pandamobile4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

Does anyone know how much the PC version will actually cost?

Sangria4995d ago

Here in Europe, it will be 60€, which would mean in UK it will be at 50£ and in USA at 60$.

Amir514995d ago

i wish it was £50, its £55!

Sangria4995d ago

A higher price in UK than in EU? Impossible, either the European price will be changed either it's an historic event :o

leila014995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

Just wait a week or two then buy it used.

games usually cost 70€ in Europe, I don't think it'll be any different this time.

Pandamobile4995d ago

You don't buy used PC games. And besides, I want this on Steam.

Amir514995d ago

I dont know what it is in USA or Europe but i know for a fact its £55
Most games i buy are £39.99

Sangria4995d ago

@2.4: 70€ for console games, i answered considering PC games, which are always cheaper. And Modern Warfare 2 on PC is set to cost 60€ on PC (and 70€ on PS3 and 360).

Pandemic4995d ago

In Australia it will cost $119.95AUD for both Xbox 360 and PS3 then $99.95AUD for PC.

cereal_killa4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

leila01 not sure where your from but here in Canada you will only save about $5 if you buy it at EBgames used there's only 2 places where I live that resells used games. your best bet is maybe Craigslist, Ebay or some other site to get it cheaper.

I don't blame people boycotting this game this is only going to get worse for us gamers once EA, Ubisoft and other developers see Activision jack up there price for the big selling titles and get away with this your going to see all these companies do the exact same thing and who gets hurt in the long run the gamers.

dcbronco4995d ago

I know if I had a computer that runs it, I still wouldn't buy it. The $10 more they charge for the console versions is the usual cost for the console royalty. They are not charged that on the PC, so they shouldn't be trying to charge an extra $10. It's pure greed. It also might be a way to get some of the money back for having an extra PS3 team. While it's good that they do that, get it from the PS3 fans, not a third group.

Andy12064995d ago

Thats what console gamers pay 60 bucks so whatz the deal man...

(Sorry not a PC Gamer cause my pc SUX)

Rhythmattic4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

Yep Pandemic,

if anyones getting Ripped off, when it comes to PS3 titles , its the Pal Regions..

For example. Most good quality PS3 titles are $119 rrp.

$119 Aus = $99 US. yep THATS $99 US !!!

$119 Aus = 70 EUR (Such love for the Pal Regions)

I import alot of my games,(obviously because its way cheaper) but for some games the DLC is regionalised,(COD4) to the disc region. It just ends up being easier to buy locally... Easier? yes. Ripped Off? yes.

I imagine CODMW2 will employ the same tactics..

mebob4995d ago

@ leila "Just wait a week or two then buy it used."

LOL, buy a used PC game? ok.......


i absolutely agree, Games in Australia for Example cost HEAPS more then in most other regions. When the AUS dollar was almost equal to the US dollar, games cost Australian gamers twice the amount it did over in the US. EB games in Australia is the worst place to buy new releases, they always charge full price for them. I get my games of steam so there usually alot cheaper then getting them in the shops, and there are sometime special offers that you can get on steam as well.

One of the reason i don't own a console is because of the price of games on it, this is a terrible decision from Activision to increase the cost of their games......Maby its to gain some back from the pirates but chances are it'll prob cost them more then they will gain. Like some one said earlier expect Spores piracy numbers to get eclipsed...

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Cenobia4995d ago

Saturday on a gaming forum...

Hypocrisy strikes again!

And yes, I am fully aware that I am here as well, but I didn't make the comment.

Grandreaper99994995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

Screw them. I'll buy it used. For CHEAP. Wasn't picking up MW2 anyway, but still. That ridiculous. I hope it's so bug-ridden and they go out of business. Activision is poison.


Yeah, that was a LITTLE extreme, huh. Really though, who would miss them? You? You? You? Or you? See! Nobody. ghahahah..

Alright I'm outta here. Must be boycott season or something.

Andy12064995d ago

Hah Activision will live on. It has a strong fan base and PC aren't the only gamers plus... I really never had problems with MW1

Webs9614995d ago

One thing that I think is hurting the gaming industry on the pricing front is all of the smaller publishers and developers being gobbled up by companies such as Activision and EA. We're seeing a serious dwindling of competition (See the Sierra purchase), and that is most likely also a factor in driving prices up.