Sony PlayStation Brand: 15+ Pro's and Con's (PART I – PRO'S)

Now this generation Sony has seen a big turn around. Not only are they the more sophisticated machine (Xbox topped the PS2 in that area). But they also have seen their market leader position slide away in exchange for the bottom of the list. This made us start thinking about what is Sony for a company. How do they perform? and how could they perform?

We start with the Pro's. The Con's will be uploaded later on.


#1 Strong games line-up (First-Party): Sony has some great studios under their wings. Can someone say Sony Liverpool, Sony Santa Monica, Japan Studio, Sony San Diego and tons more. These all are responsible for triple-A titles which can't be experienced on other platforms. By looking at all the competitors Sony clearly has the upper hand here.

#2 Firmware updates: The firmware updates are both a pleasure and a pain (in the ass) but we will get there later on. By these firmware updates we have seen a tremendous amount of added features and functionality......

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why is m$ in the console business