Beyond 32nm: the future of processors revealed

Big news. The IBM Technology Alliance has announced its 28nm process and the first chips should be rolling off the lines by 2010 with ARM systems-on-a-chip (SoC) among the first. Are you excited? Yes? No? At the very least you should be impressed.

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Pandamobile3828d ago

28 nm doesn't really impress me. 32 vs 28. There's going to be very, very small differences in heat output and potential clock so it's not really the "future" of processors. And Intel has had 32 nm processors for a couple months now with an expected release in [November?]. So if this is the precursor to the PS3 Slim we probably won't see one of these 28 nm CPU's in a PS3 til early to mid 2010.

egm_hiphopgamer3828d ago

true but let me ask you this. do you think this is the reason for the price drop delay because it kinda make sense you know what I'm saying

Pandamobile3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Possibly. The main reason for the price drop delay is because currently, Sony is selling the PS3's for cheaper than they can produce them due to the cost of the Cell CPU and Blu-Ray laser diodes.

Even after the process change, the PS3's are still going to be fairly expensive. If Sony drops the price further it could really hurt them financially.

(I'm basing this off of iSupply's findings)

Kushan3828d ago

"28 nm doesn't really impress me. 32 vs 28. There's going to be very, very small differences in heat output and potential clock so it's not really the "future" of processors."

You sure about that? There's a 13% difference between the sizes, that means it's not unrealistic to expect 13% better efficiency and, more importantly, 13% better yields during production, which leads to cheaper processors. The jump doesn't sound as big as it was from 45 to 32, but it's still quite a large jump when you consider that you're working with extremely small measurements.

Hallucinate3828d ago Estimated Worth $57180.9 USD


InFAMOUS13828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I have never commented on this guy, actually I don't comment very much. However, HHG has the IQ of an (adult toy)... I have not read about any developers demanding a price drop from the PS3.. I have heard Bobby Krackhead request one, but none other.
Ya know, the ps3 is the most expensive console, but it also generates the most revenue for the top world wide publishers... WHOA! WHAT IS THAT YOU SAY? Ya you heard me.. I said it!!! HHG I think you need to leave 'journalism' and go to bible school.

EDIT: Why do you (HHG) or anyone else think there is a delay in the PS3 price drop ? I mean seriously. Sony has already stated that they are selling the unit at the price that is appropriate for their COMPANY not the average/hardcore gamer. IMO if Sony drops the price it wont be till sometime 2010..

rockleex3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

45nm Cells right?

If it drops to 28nm, that would be a HUGE difference. Maybe even enough to warrant a $100 price cut.

I remember the PS3 was only $50 from breaking even with the PS3 last year, by now, the production costs should have dropped enough to near even.

If they replace the Cell with 28nm chips, it could definitely be enough for a price cut. But that's just me guessing.

rockleex3828d ago

I meant to say, "Sony was only $50 from breaking even..."

Kakkoii3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

@HHG: Why must you talk like that? People don't take you as seriously when you try and talk all gangster. If you want to be taken seriously, the first thing you need to do is learn to talk like an educated person. Then go to journalism school so you can learn how to appropriately research your articles before writing and posting them.

Not trying to be offensive, just being honest. The reason people hate on you so much is because you seem to write articles that are only about your own opinion, instead of doing good research on the subject and coming up with a less biased and self indulged article.

SuperM3828d ago

If HHG was like anyone else then he/his site wouldnt be popular. He is never gonna talk or behave like a normal journalist, but if he did then he would never had the success he has now, wether you like it or not.

Kakkoii3828d ago

Being well known doesn't equate to "success". He's well known for all the wrong reasons, and thus it is not success, but failure.

And I'm not talking about being like everyone else, just doing things in a proper and educated manner.

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Dead_Cell3828d ago

If there IS a pricedrop soon,it won't be any more than the range of £50-£75.

Pizzagaki3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

hah, you wish, itl be more likely the price of a large pizza, that will drop off the ps3.

Pizzagaki3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Its gonna get really interesting when we hit the 1nm :)
Cause then we will be only one step away from pico technology.
And it will start sounding a whole lot more corny from there on :P
At least Nano sounds cool.

Pico, femto, atto, etch dont sound cool.

Kakkoii3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Thing is, there won't be much use for pico and lower measurements.

1nm is only roughly 10 atoms wide. You can't build things any smaller than the structure of atoms can support, anything smaller than an atom is merely energy. So that's about as far as it can go. Working with carbon nanotubes and exotic man made atomic structures/materials for advanced chips. Such as photonic and quantum computing chips.

Barring some major scientific discovery that finds we can manipulate a certain type of energy to make a smaller type of atom, then were getting pretty close to as small as we are ever going to make devices.

About another 6-9 years and we should be down to the smallest we can go and have a pretty good handle on it.

Tehdaza3827d ago

So, I really don't under stand.

Once we get down to a 1 nm process, that's as far as we can physically go? Or will it force Intel and IBM to completely revolutionize the microprocessor industry?

Kakkoii3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

You know what atoms are right? They are what make up all matter.

1nm is only 10 atoms wide. Thus you can't really go any smaller, because there's barely any atoms left.

So when we get to that point, the industry will have to transition to figuring out how to make faster processors, instead of just die shrinks and architecture revisions. Well have to move to using light (photonics) instead of electricity inside our chips. And possible quantum dots, but that ones even further away.

Ninji3828d ago

This blog isn't interesting or news worthy.

Pizzagaki3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

shhhhht, he reads the comments on this site, you might hurt his feelings :P

egm_hiphopgamer3828d ago

oh word dog you calling me a douche you know what let me say this man

watch what you say to people because god is always watching and the harm you do to me or others will come back to haunt you or someone close to you.

say something nice or don't say anything at all remember that

Kushan3828d ago

Fanboy arguments are bad enough, don't bring God into this. This is a gaming site, not a religious site.

Pizzagaki3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

HHG, this is the internet man, its worse then the streets, you should know.
When you get sticked in the streets you dont start about god either.

In the streets, a man is worth as much as his homey, but on the internet, everybody is worth trash.
all you can do is accept it, i get insulted all the time on the web, they loath my pizzaface.

Pandamobile3828d ago

Can't help but laugh at HHG now...

You're pretty much threatening a guy that called you a douche with punishment from above.

That's not very christian of you.

Ninji3828d ago

Wow, really? So it will come back to haunt others? Your God sounds like a real asshole.

Megaton3828d ago

lol @ HHG threatening people with Jesus hate. That made my day.

Lifendz3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I can understand when religious people invoke their religous beliefs on topics relating to world politics, morals, family life, etc.

But to bring that stuff up here is kinda pointless. Some of the guys that comment here has no purpose other than to flame and spew hate (not saying you did that ninji). It happens to everyone that's a public figure of any sort.

I respect when any game critic takes time to engage in a convo with someone but if you try to debate with someone that's insulted you (especially by using religion), it's a waste of time.

Bottom line HHG is to not respond to any topic/comment you perceive to be insulting on any site like this. It's a battle you can't win.

DaTruth3828d ago

Lol at nerds who had a hard time in school and couldn't get laid, so now there must be no God!

Bilbo653828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

"Lol at nerds who had a hard time in school and couldn't get laid, so now there must be no God!"

Wtf, just because the posters don't believe in "god" shouldn't effect you they never attacked religion just hiphopgamer for acting like a tool who knows "god's" will.

Kakkoii3827d ago


No, it's just that we merely developed rational and logical thinking by the time we were teens. While you spent your time not learning a damn thing worth knowing since you were focused on acting gangsta and trying to be with "da fine ladies".

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Ninji3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

They need to fix the filter so they can put this bullshit back in its place.

Pizzagaki3828d ago

well it works like that in real life, karma is a b*tch, but that rule dont apply on the web, because technically, all you can do is swear......., that aint killing nobody.

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