WTP Review: Help Wanted

Help Wanted is a collection of mini-games tied together by a humorous story about saving the earth from threats from outer space. Players earn in-game money by working various jobs, which are played using various combinations of the Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk attachment depending on the job. Jobs range from tasks like farming, cooking, and sewing to unusual lines of work like aerial photography, scaring attendants at a haunted house, stunt work, arctic sled running, even working at a video game company. The money the players earns depends on how well they perform their job tasks. Each time a job mini-game is played, it uses up a day of in-game time - during which the object hurtling towards Earth comes ever closer. The player then spends their money buying items from an in-game shopping channel, which open up new jobs the player can undertake and increase money that can be earned from currently available jobs. By buying merchandise, the player earns frequent-shopper points that can be saved to buy the expensive Transformowatch. Time and money management skills also come into play - if the threatening objects are coming close to Earth, the player may need to invest extra money or points into buying a device to hinder or reverse the threat's progress.

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