AppCraver Review: Droplitz

AppCraver writes: "The best puzzle games are both strategic and mindless at the same time in my view. Tetris - the best puzzle game of all time - had that something special that enabled you to play it on autopilot while staying mindful of the various techniques required to be successful.

The team from Atlus USA has sprinkled some Droplitz (pronounced "droplets") in aims of quenching our thirst for something new. While Droplitz will not change the game in the way Tetris did, there are some good things here that should appeal to many.

Like the title of the game would suggest, Droplitz is a puzzle game based around moving and routing a dwindling number of water drops. The drops start at the top of the screen and come from "droppers." There are a series of spinning dials that have different funnel paths."

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