Left 4 Dead 2 - SDCC 09: Bayou Cabin Gameplay HD

Shoot me again--I dare you! This video features new weapons such as the AK-47 weapon, grenade launcher, and more!

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Pandamobile3831d ago

Voice acting is pretty stale. I hope they improve that.

KionicWarlord2223831d ago

That axe kill in the swamp was hilarious .

no_more_trolling3831d ago

this wont sell well like the first.

this should have been a DLC instead

KionicWarlord2223831d ago

It`s not a dlc it`s a different game .

Kurylo3d3831d ago

really? how so? this is why they didnt release the source code to make mods for left 4 dead ... liek valve does for all its other games.... cause this is nothing more then a few model replacements and sound replacements... same engine... same GAME. Probably a months worth of work for the studio... and they gonna get paid good for it.

no_more_trolling3831d ago

cant u read.

i said this should have been a DLC

Pandamobile3831d ago

You're a retard.

You can't fit 8 GB into DLC. Especially on LIVE.

This game is far too big for DLC. Do you complain when Activision rolls out a new COD every year? What about EA and their sports franchises? Grow up.

omni_atlas3831d ago

How much do you want to bet that at least 6 GB of that data is from L4D1?

There are 'common' files that are shared, much as like HL EP1,2 and TF2 share common source engine files.

king dong33831d ago

you are rite, this wont sell like the first....this is going to sell even more than the first.

day one for me and all my pals. man i love l4d and l4d2 looks even better.

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mrv3213831d ago

I must say this doesn't look like a mahor improvement. But we'll see at launch.

topgeareasy3831d ago

but still better than halo 3 odst

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The story is too old to be commented.