Valve does it again: The Spitter is from the community

As if this wasn't a big enough slap in the face to the community, the reveal to the new Special Infected known as the Spitter is, yet again, a direct-from-the-community idea that Valve has put in for L4D2. The biggest kicker to it? It's from one of the co-creators of the L4D2 boycott group.

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Pandamobile3835d ago

There was a whole thread on Facepunch and the Steam forums where hundreds of people threw around boss zombie ideas and people get upset when Valve comes up with the same idea?

On a side note, I'd feel flattered if a game company used my idea.

LostChild3835d ago

Or anyone for that matter. It shows that they are listening to their fans/community and found my ideas interesting enough to implement them into their games or what have you.

On thing I do hate about submitting ideas, is when a company/person say that they came up with the idea all by themselves or try to claim they have been working on the same idea for over 2yrs or so. I keep telling them I don't want their money. I have my own.

But I will never forget this till the day I die; I created this character called Samurai Spawn. http://agent19xs.deviantart... It was an idea I submitted for a comic-book called the Curse of Spawn. It was supposed to be a book about various types of Spawn characters, but it went in a totally different direction. Well anyway, a few yrs later Todd McFarlane came out with his own version of a Samurai Spawn and stated in an article that he came up with the character concept/idea all by himself. "Wow!" was all I could say. It was a big let down, to read that coming from someone who's artwork inspired you to keep drawning. But Jim Lee's myfavorite now.

Blaze9293834d ago

well this is where you guys are getting it wrong. There is a clear difference of developers using the community's "ideas" and using the community's "DESIGN". This is not a "idea" its a straight character design. I dunno about you but for a DESIGN I would like to have the option to say hey, I made that character and valve used it and theres my name somewhere in the credits.

Ideas, ideas are like "hey Valve, it'd be cool if there was a "forge" mode where we could save replays and make little horror movies". Thats an IDEA I would be happy about if Valve used.

Clear difference, and this is just stealing. People LIKE it when there IDEAS make it into the game becuase it's what they WANT in the game to make it an overall experience. When their DESIGNS make it into the game that really dont affect the experience at all, that's when people get mad especially for not being credited.

Again, "I have an idea that L4D2 should have power ups" = good. "Wow wait a minute...i created that character! Sure you did" = bad.

zagibu3834d ago

Ideas are a dime a dozen, or in other words: nothing special. Everyone has them.

rawrockkillz3835d ago

Agreed, I would be excited to have an idea of mine used in a game. It just shows that Valve pays attention to the forums and the community, which is something that not very many game developers do.

Vespertine3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Yeah I agree.

It's ridiculous that people are getting angry over this.
Quite laughable actually.

ChampIDC3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )


Developer listens to community and uses their idea. People rage.

Developer doesn't listen to ideas of community. People rage.

That's just how the Internet works! Some people can always find something to get angry about. I too would be thrilled if they used an idea of mine.

FantasyStar3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I think you miss the point here. Ask yourself, why is there an L4D2 Boycott? Because they feel like the game is overpriced and unjustified. Then when the game itself contains content and ideas that one of the co-creators of the L4D2 Boycott feels should be free. Well I'd be pretty pissed too. Especially since he can't do anything about it because he posted it on their forums, which is considered Valve's property now. Again, pissed not only because his ideas are going towards a game he hates, there's nothing he can do about legally to stop it.

And to makes matters worst, Valve is the one making money off the community's ideas. That which the L4D2 Boycott certainly shouldn't be fond of.

Unicron3835d ago

Spitting zombies aren't exactly new or original however.

pixelsword3835d ago

Zombies spit-up on the first Resident Evil.

And Michael Jackson's Thriller.

JD_Shadow3835d ago WHEN did this guy think up of this new infected? Probably BEFORE Valve announced L4D2! Probably thought it would've been added into the game as DLC content.

The slap in the face...that isn't.

Xi3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

so valve was able to.
1. steal the idea
2. develop the proper game mechanics
3. develop the chracter concept
4. develop the character art (modle/textures)
5. animate and voice the character
6. test everything

all within the timeframe of the person posting his comment and the unvieling of the character...

Unicron3835d ago

That would take about a month or so of work.

Or they just took the idea from Slither. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.