3 Reasons Gamers REALLY Need To STFU About L4D2 writes: "By now of course everyone has seen the L4D2 boycott. I personally think its the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. Here's why....."

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interrergator3835d ago

i wouldnt be surprised if l4d3 comes next year but hopefully there still working on half life 2 episode 3 and it might be pretty long since its been worked on *praying*.

Pandamobile3835d ago

Episode 3 has been in development since 2007. There's been a team hard at work on HL2:Ep3 all this time. Valve is a company of about 160 people. They have 20 people working on TF2, 18 on L4D2 and the rest is divided among Portal 2, HL2:Ep3, Steam and possibly an unannounced title.

menoyou3835d ago

Yup, Left4Dead 2 is a joke

Cwalat3835d ago

I honestly don't give a damn about LFD2.. All i want is another portal game and half life 2 ep 3.

Lifendz3835d ago

the people that bought L4D at launch thinking that it would get DLC out the yang for the foreseeable future are peeved but others that really liked the game are excited for the sequel and don't mind paying full retail price since it would cost roughly what it would were the game DLC.

I think people just need to remember that Valve isn't known for not supporting games after launch. While I can't recall an older version of a game getting the same level of DLC as it's sequel, I gotta say I trust Valve when they say they'll do just that.

evrfighter3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I signed on to the l4d2 but it's not like I dislike Valve. I have a lot of faith in them because as they've shown they do support their games. The fact that they've responded to one of the bigger issues amongst the boycott "finding a way to not split the l4d community" means a lot to their fans. As the guy locked up in the safehouse says..."Better safe than sorry!"

I'm sure that's just one of the many announcements we'll see from them.

likedamaster3834d ago

"I’ve come to the conclusion the majority of the boycotters are bitter PS3 and PC owners. PS3 owners who’ll never play the game. PC owners who play it too much. Valve is a business and they dont owe you anything. Get a freakin 360 or life and STFU."

LOL. Funny stuff.

SuperM3834d ago

The headline of the articles should be "3 reasons gamers should not be allowed to have a fu<king opinion"


"Why every gamer should be a fu<king tool and not question developers desicions"

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Tomonobu Itagaki3835d ago

Did he really get why people keep whining about Left4Dead 2?
First he's acting like if L4D2 was a 360 exclusive, whereas most of the whiners are Steam players, so PC gamers.

But if people complain about L4D2 it's mostly because Valve announced it and will release it too soon. l4D released 18 November 2008, L4D2 is announced on 21st April 2009 (5 months later) and due to release for November 2009, only a year after the first one.

Which means for the players:
- They feel like having payed for a beta;
- L4D wont be supported in DLC (despite what Valve says);
- The L4D players will quit the game for L4D2, making L4D a dead game less than two years after its release;
- L4D2 clearly didn't have time to get improved technically;

I don't defend the whiners but that's pretty legitimate, it's like if Sony released LittleBigPlanet and say "And don't forget, LittleBigPlanet 2 releases in 6 months, pretty cool right?".

The difference is that Valve has an incredibly hard fanbase constituted by angry PC nerds that will follow them until death, just like does Microsoft with Halo fanboys. So even if L4D2 releases in 4 months, it will sell buckets, and if they plan to release L4D3 6 months after, it will still sell as much.

ultimolu3835d ago

If Sony had done this, their carcasses would be at the stake already. This guy needs to learn how to spell before he writes up a rant.

raztad3835d ago


So true. If Sony do something in the likes, the media will have Sony for lunch. It's crazy.

BTW, I watched some videos of L4D. It looks quite a fun/mindless game, a good fun by 5-6 hours. It uses the ooold Source engine but good thing is, any lower to medium spec pc should run it easily. I'll give it a try when it's less than 20 bucks.

ASSASSYN 36o3835d ago

But sony didn't so get over it.

ultimolu3834d ago

Hey, Assassin, did I say it was Sony?


So cry me a river.

FlamingBozo3834d ago

Why does everybody always have to pull the if this was Sony doing this then X would happen.... you dont need to bring it up cause it has nothing to do with the story....

@Tomonobu Itagaki

The Thing i find is that how is it any different then a new call of duty each year... Some people stay and play the older one but the majority of course will move on, but also If valve says they will support L4D with more content then why do you have to say that you doubt that, you cant take valves counter argument and reply to that by saying "ha like ur gonna do that"... Now I enjoyed L4D but the fact that only the 2 maps were at multiplayer as kinda sad and I was disappointed but I have no problem with valve starting up some DLC and then finding out the have enough maps and addons to warrant a sequel, and to be honest I fully believe L4D 2 is a true sequel.... sure you may say one year isnt good enough to change how it plays but from what the press have said the truth is that it does play like a sequel..... My only problem i really have is how ive been waiting for episode 3 while valve has released 2 L4D's... but i mean sure we can complain all we want, but valve puts their heart sweat and tears into these games and they always deliver so if ur gonna complain about when the games are coming out and whats worth a sequel or not, then why dont you people go work for valve and make the game yourself and if you cant then maybe you should just sit down and play the other great games coming out this year like uncharted 2, ODST, Borderlands, ect..... and just let Valve do their thing cause in the end complaining about this stuff just makes us all look like pathetic idiots and honestly if anything PC gamers should be more angry at the fact that Call of Duty MW2 is gonna be $60 now thats just a true FU to consumers

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Rocco3835d ago

Did you even read the article?

He clearly mentions most of the whiners are PC users. That was the whole third reason.

Second, L4D2 was announced in June at E3, not April.

Third, how do you knoe Valve is lying about supporting L4D1?

Fourth, the game has clearly been improved technically. New AI director, zombie models, slight graphical update

You didnt really address ANYTHING in the article.

Eric7943835d ago

Coming next week:

"Why Rocco Copeland REALLY needs to STFU."

and also saying "he clearly mentions" when the article was written and submitted by you doesn't help your case.

mrv3213834d ago

It's been improved I agree they've added urm weather? But has it been a $60, £40 improvement. From what I've seen it's a no. Let's look at a game series Resistance... the first game was good, but the second game was almost totally different and a major improvement in my opinion easily a $60 improvement. To me L4D2 seems like an expansion but they realised not enough people bought L4D1 and willing to buy what I and many others consider a boring game... I'll try the L4D2 demo but honestly I doubt it'll feel 'WAW' more 'COD:WAW' in terms of what they added.

FlamingBozo3834d ago

wait Resistance 2 was an improvement? I kinda found the SP to be a generic piece of crap and i actually didn't find the first that bad.... but L4D 2 is a 50 or 60 dollar improvement..... 5 new Films ( 1 more than what L4D had and according to valve each film is bigger than what they were in the first but we will see), New infected types plus level specific infected( Bullet Proof Zombies!!!), All of the films work on MP at the start not any of that only half work crap, New MP modes, New Guns, Melee Weapon system( this this already changes the game quite a bit) New AI director, 4 new playable characters, improved graphics engine and game play engine(from what ive heard from who have actually played it, it actually plays much better, alot more than expected, and im sure im missing some other minor changes.... So sure that doesn't match say what bungie delivers in each new game but honestly that's better than most sequels even when they have been given 2 to 3 years, hell MW 2 probably doesn't add that much more than what L4D 2 puts on the table, so if all this doesn't warrant a sequel then what the heck do you people want?

Natsu X FairyTail3835d ago

all you guys above need to STFU!

Timesplitter143835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Good ol' gaming journalism...

Always clean and professionnal

lordgodalming3835d ago

I'm glad someone else thinks so too. This is the second article in the last few weeks where the writer essentially shouts the F word at his readers. Readers who, by the way, are the only reason he has a job. Perfect example of our culture's sense of entitlement.

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