Halo 3: ODST to be shorter than Halo 3

Lars Bakken of Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios' Ryan Crosby confirmed that the campaign for Halo 3 ODST would be a shorter one than Halo 3.

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Trollimite3838d ago

it did start out as dlc.

and dlc is usually shorter than a full game.

Eiffel3838d ago

It was never slated as DLC.

It's been considered a retail product since the Game Informer preview.

ape0073838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

in halo 3 was kinda meh,decent at best,it was nothing like halo 1,halo 1 sp is one of the best ever,halo 3 sp is somewhat cold,uninspired,weapns didn't feel as powerful as h1 or 2,battles were amazing and so memorable in h1,level design in h1 was so memorable,I mean the whole gameplay in h1 was the best halo gameplay ever,they ruined the assualt rifle in halo 3,it's nothing like the old one,levels in h3 feels empty,dull and forgettable as hell,online mp saved h3 for me

I hope odst have an amazing sp mode of the things that really bothers me about h3 and odst is that these games aren't a major jump over halo 1,halo 1 gfx,scoop,etc was too good to be true at its time,u expect h3 to have the same impact but it wasn't,odst just feels halo 3+,im afraid the series suffer from the"smackdown vs raw syndrome"

Xi3838d ago

but i thought that the campaign in halo 3 was actually the best.

The_Darkest_Red3838d ago

I suggest you watch your mouth.

rhood0223838d ago


It might be a retail product, but it's still an expansion. Similar to what Bethesda did with Shivering Isles.

From the GI interview:

ODST design director Paul Bertone when asked Why Master Chief wasn't the star of Halo ODST (then called Recon):

"When we were thinking about the Chief or the Arbiter stories that we could tell, there was just no story that fit into a THREE to FIVE-hour EXPANSION PACK, which is what we're building here."

SevWolf3838d ago

@ Xi: Say what? You went totally off topic, also you think MGO saved MGS4? You think the gameplay barely evolved from MGS1 to MGS4, and only got worse? You think there was no major jump graphically or gameplay wise between 1 and 4? O..K sure...*finds a wall and hits his head on it*
On topic: I've never played a Halo, I know it's sad :(, but I might get this probably later when the price goes down, but I'll still get it :)

Unicron3838d ago

I was disappointed by the campaign in Halo 3.. as I said before, Gravemind was totally robbed. I still think Halo 1 stands up the best. (Multiplayer excluded, since Bungie are masters at making good MP)

The Lazy One3838d ago

have you looked at any of the halo games next to each other?

they all look pretty different from each other. Halo 2 looked way better than CE in almost every respect. Character models in H3 weren't a huge leap, but the environments looked way better than in H2.

And CE wasn't really a huge leap over anything at the time.

That said, we've known the campaign was shorter than H3 since it was announced.

ShabzS3838d ago

i'm playing halo 3 right now ... and i have to say the game is bucket loads of fun ... the environments are huge ... and there's no telling whats gonna happen next...

shovelbum3838d ago

Not a huge Halo fan but I do own them all and it'll sell like water before an asteroid impact. That being said, short and sweet pretty much sucks nowadays! Just like COD4, a 5 hour campaign for $60 is a joke. I understand that the MP adds tons to the game but not everyone values MP over story mode and those people get screwed. I'm not looking for Fallout 3 or Oblivion but an 8-10 hour campaign should not be that much to ask for when your shoveling out cash.

Blaze9293838d ago

This is old, everyone knew this when ODST was announced

3838d ago
Xbox Avatars Shoe3838d ago

It's a full retail game though...

Shepherd 2143837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

this was confirmed months ago, and the Halo 3 campaign was great. Halo 1 suffered from repetitive level design and a thin but still great story, which Halo 2 and Halo 3 addressed and succeeded with. The story is very in-depth for anyone who cares to explore it for longer than 10 seconds. Ive played and loved the series for 8 years now so i'd like to think i somewhat know what im talking about.

This is not DLC, however it is an expansion, so a shorter single player is to be expected. It has a 4-5 hour Campaign EXPANSION of solid single player quality(which can be played Co-Op with 4 players), Firefight mode, which is a 4 player cooperative Gears 2 Horde mode on steroids, and it comes with all DLC Multiplayer maps released to date. A great expansion for a two year old game. I HIGHLY doubt this will be the case for Gears 2 or Killzone 2, or pretty much most other shooters 2 years from now. Bungie is good to their fans.

likedamaster3837d ago

I disagree completely. The series got better with H2 and then H3. See what I did there? Sequels will never grab you like the original title. What we wanted was quality and just more of Halo and that's exactly what we got. Halo 3:ODST will continue that trend.

Halo Reach will be something different, something we can be impressed by and really sink our teeth into.

aldesko3837d ago

IMO they probably put so much effort in making a great MP that the SP in Halo 3 suffered a bit (it was still good, people like to overreact when they criticize it)... I hope that ODST is really great since they don't have to worry about the multiplayer.

Also, does anyone know if this will be full retail price?

WildArmed3837d ago

lmfao Xi.
I guess some1's feeling are still hurt over MGS4

dragunrising3837d ago

Halo fans will buy ODST regardless. However consider this: more people play the multiplayer on a daily basis than campaign. Does the article specify how much shorter? No.

All Halo 3 map packs (plus the second half of the Mythic maps) are free plus ODST "horde mode." Not bad imo.

Halo 3 campaign feels dated these days so I hope the ODST campaign isn't too short. More is always better.

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shocky163838d ago

Anyway it's all about the Multiplayer baby.. ;)

ape0073838d ago

I respectfully disagree

mp is amazing but imho

sp>online and in most cases if u built a great single player\gameplay,your online will always be better

Hobadoon3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Multiplayer IS where it's at. Anyone who says other wise are those who... well... usually aren't that great at it :\

I'm the type of gamer that will gladly take a game where I can compete against human beings rather than Artificial Intelligence (Unless I don't have a choice - Mass Effect, Prince of Persia, Resident Evil, You get the picture...) And Mass Effect is one of my favorite games so me not loving single player games is hardly the case but if a game has both, I usually opt more for competing against those with brains (And I mean that loosely ha).

I mean look at the online numbers Halo 3 still produces. They still amaze me for how long it's been out.

dachiefsman3838d ago

I respectfully disagree. MGS4 had a great single player while the multiplayer sucked. Flame me if you want, but I hated it. Any game where I have to fight the controls online sucks.

Single player doesn't have to set up the multiplayer. Cod4 had a decent single player, but better multiplayer as with WaW. I would probably say the same thing with Resistance 2. I thought R2 single player was okay, but the multiplayer was so much more fun.

Hobadoon3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

If you were to take Halo's Single Player Campaign and their Online Multiplayer and sell them as 2 completely separate titles; yeah I'm sure some people would buy both but the "Online Multiplayer Only" title would greatly outsell the "Single Player Only".

I'd bet my money very confidently on that.

ape0073838d ago

that's why I said "in most cases"

mgo was a disappointment,,I agree with you,R2's sp campaign while good but forgetable,R1 was much better than R2 imo,R2 feels SO COLD

LeReidy3837d ago

I played it on normal when i fist got it on release but i have been back to the campaign with friends for some 4 player co-op legendery madness. So iv'e clearly got wayyy over around 5 hours playtime. Add the multiplayer into that and its many many days.

likedamaster3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Ridiculous comments. Single player is something to experience from the world of Halo, to also be enjoyed through co-op with friends. Multiplayer is a competitive mode that challenges you with the smartest AI available - a real person, with ultimate replay value through achievements, modes, and ranking.

Halo ODST is simply giving you an extension(albeit from a different view and time) of that awesome single player experience from Halo 3 with some maps to scratch that multiplayer itch but with the rest of the Halo 3 maps in case you never got the original Halo 3. $60, and worth every penny!

Hobadoon3837d ago

Okay N4G. You all must be drinking the purple meds if you think Halo 3's single player is the single driving force of sales.

I can't take some of this sites members seriously, you business majors you. Lmao

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sonyjunky2793838d ago

I know really, this is a surprise to people?

GrandDragon3838d ago


No depth if you ask me :P

Defectiv3_Detectiv33838d ago

So basically, just rent it, don't waste your money buying it unless you want the DLC.

At least L4D2 has replayability.

Anon19743838d ago

I don't subscribe XBL, so the multiplayer is no use to me, but I've always been a huge fan of Halo's single player campaign/co-op campaign. I'll wait till the game is actually out before making up my mind, but if the single player campaign is too short - I'll skip this one. There's plenty of other games coming out this fall vying for my gamer dollar that will have a satisfying single player.