Xbox 360 got no games .. say what?

Year 2009 is more than half gone and there are about five months remaining before 2010 hit us! The Playstation 3 and the PSP have some really great exclusives coming out this year. Theres been a lot of speculation regarding the number of great games is lesser on the 360 as compared to other platforms. GamingBolt try and proove why such speculation should be put to rest. Here are the top games in no particular order that Xbox 360 fans should not miss out.

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shocky163833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

(IMHO) It's got the best library of games this gen - whether you want shooting games, RPGS, Racing, Platforming, Arcade Games. It's got something for everyone.

Personally I can't wait to get my hands on

Splinter Cell
Alan Wake
Forza 3
Crackdown 2
Mass Effect 2
Halo: Reach
Shadow Complex
and more


Spike473833d ago

Anyway, the xbox360 has had a lot of time to build up that massive library and it is unfair to compare it to a console that has had a shorter time, that is called common sense.

chrisnick3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

it has a pretty decent fall lineup but in all honesty guys, aside from halo wars, what have you played so far this year? but the fall lineup is full of expansions, dlc's, and games that are also on pc, it really hasn't had any TRUE exclusives this year at all. But they'll like they do always do and pass of 3rd party stuff like they own it. W/E though, i'll be playing about 2 of those games myself anyway.

Nathan1233833d ago

(IMHO) It's got the best library of games this gen - whether you want shooting games, RPGS, Racing, Platforming, Arcade Games. It's got something for everyone.

Personally I can't wait to get my hands on

Uncharted 2.
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.
God Of War 3.
Rachet and Clank...
The Last Guardian.
The Agent.
Quantum Theory.
Heavy Rain.


xTruthx3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Well shocky ur entitled to your opinion, but i can disagree with it ^_^, the only games i play on my 360 are


Gonna try Splinter Cell( even tho they changed the game play to look like the bourne game ill give it a try, looks interesting) & Crackdown 2 when they come out

Alan awake and Mass Effect ill get for pc, I'm one of the lucky people who have a good pc for gaming

Homicide3833d ago

I made a thread about it at the forums. Great line-up for the Xbox 360.

ps3d03833d ago

Spike your right its not fair sony's had like 15 years to build up exclusives. MS has had a faction of that time yet they have the better exclusive line up this gen (so far).

chrisnick beside KZ2 and Infamous what has the ps3 had for exclusive this year ? 360 had Halo wars, Star Ocean 4, the GTA4 expansions (that is longer then a lot of games you buy on disc) and in 3 Days they are releasing the GoW2 expansions. The only 2 exclusives the ps3 have left this year is Unchanted 2 (cant wait to play it) and R&C (sony milked R&C to death I'm sick of it)

I think 2009 has been a fairly bad year all round for gamers. They a few good games coming out at the end AC2, Unchanted 2, Forza 3 and I Hope Darksiders. I'm hyped for 2010 tho god of war 3, FF13, Bioshock 2 , Alan Wake , Mass Effect 2 and thats just the 1st part of the year I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing GoW3 too

soxfan20053833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )


PS3 fans have been bragging about the PS3's game lineup all year (especially the exclusives). Now, when 360 fans do the same, you whine and say it's somehow "unfair"?

It's not like PS3 launched in 2008 - it's in it's third year already - nearly halfway to the point where Sony traditionally upgrades to a new console.

EDIT - It's still in it's third year. It's third year began on November 4, 2008 and will end on November 3, 2009. On November 4, 2009 it will begin it's fourth year.

Calm down - freakin typo. It's just a few days.

3833d ago
xTruthx3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

soxfan2005 u need to know ur calendar, on November the ps3 will celebrate its 3rd year

Wow sox fan? did u even read ur edit ? The PlayStation 3 was first released in Japan on November 11, 2006 and in North America, November 17, 2006, learn to count

danthaman153833d ago

Telling people to stop being fanboys and just admit the xbox is better is a direct contradiction of your own comment.

No console has the "better lineup", what the better lineup is is strictly your opinion and no one else's. That's what people always fail to realize, there is no ultimate decision of "better" than another game; The ultimate decision of what game is better is an individual decision from person to person. People who say "Game X is better than game Y" and get a lot of agrees means that a lot of people happen to like that game, but that doesn't make it the better game, because there will still be someone who doesn't like it. All in all, I don't think the decision of "better game" should even exist beyond a sing;e person's opinion.

leyego3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

@1.6 other then infamous and kz2?
demon's souls and fat princess are what im looking forward to.
i don't even have to mention the rest thats coming out this fall.

edit phantom disagrees rock

have u guys ever noticed how in most flamebait articles the amount of disagrees on average never goes over 34?

masterg3833d ago


Don't call people stupid!

I have both consoles and a good PC.
I play about 90% of the time on my PS3.
And 5% each on the other two.

For me the PS3 has by far the best lineup.
I'm not saying this because I'm a fanboy. I'm saying it because nothing other than Alan Wake in the 360's future interests me the least. I love Gears of War but that's one game every two years.
To me if feels like my 360 peaked too early. I have seen nothing in the last year that looked better than anything before it. On my PS3 it seems a new standard is set every six months.

chrisnick3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

you've left out mlb09 the show but hey you're right its not a big deal right? we have had 3 awesome games (each in a different genre) so for this year, and 360 owners have had what?.......gears2? your next big full game is splinter cell.....make what ever excuses you want guy, but the fact remains.....NO PS3 ONLY OWNER HAS HAD TO WAIT 9 MONTHS FOR A GOOD EXCLUSIVE SO FAR THIS GENERATION......go ahead though, enlighten me if thats not true.

The Lazy One3832d ago

no xbox 360 owner who plays more than one genre of games has had to wait 9 months for a good exclusive either. Not that it matters with high quality multi plats coming out so frequently now.

If you'd take either exclusive lineup over the multi-plat lineup last year, you'd be a fool.

3832d ago
vickers5003832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Ok fermcr11, let me tell you something. Sit down before you hear this, because it might just blow your mind, you could fall down at the very idea of it, and you might end up hurting yourself.


I'll give you a couple of minutes to recuperate from this shocking revelation before you read the rest of my comment.

Ok, that should be enough time. Yes, quantity does not equal quality. I am sorry to crush your preconceived notions on what you thought was an absolute truth, but just because the 360 has more games, does not mean it has better games. It has some really good games, I'll admit that, but if you seriously believe that it has more quality games than the ps3, then I do truly feel sorry for you.

pppppeach3832d ago

This is some funny stuff man... the ps3 had 200nooooone :D

xbox 360 won 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 already. Damn I would be pissed if I got only the ps3 :(

Chimerhazzard3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

"...the X360 has the best library of games out of the 3 newest home consoles (Wii, PS3 and X360). Who ever fails to admit it, is just plain stupid. Be a gamer, not a hater."

I respectfully disagree. When I bought my current-gen console, I went to the major gaming-review sites and checked the list of best games for each the ps3 and the Xbox 360. Now, I own a PC ( a good gaming pc), so I ruled out all the multiplats I could play on it. In my opinion, the Ps3 has a much better lineup, that's one of the reasons I bought one. NOT to say that the 360 has a bad library! Far from it, the Xbox has VERY good games... it's just that many of those are also on the pc. There are 3 major 360 exclusives that I really wish to play:

- Gears of War 2
- Halo 3
- Fable 2

I am also interested in Crackdown, but I can live without it. I am hoping that Halo 3 and Fable 2 will also come out to the pc, so no biggie for not owning a xbox 360 yet. If, later this gen, I realize that I am missing too much good games, I might buy an Xbox. At the moment... it's just not justified, at least for me.

Whoever does not have a good pc might not have such an easy time choosing a console as I did. I know I wouldn't. But I think I would have bought the Ps3 anyway... I think it has better games, and better features.

I hope you understand that I am being a gamer, not a hater... either that or just plain stupid, as you say :D Haha

Maddens Raiders3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

soxfan2005 - 2 hours ago
1.7 -

PS3 fans have been bragging about the PS3's game lineup all year (especially the exclusives). Now, when 360 fans do the same, you whine and say it's somehow "unfair"?

EDIT - It's still in it's third year. It's third year began on November 4, 2008 and will end on November 3, 2009. On November 4, 2009 it will begin it's fourth year.

Calm down - freakin typo. It's just a few days.

============================= ============================== = =====

redsoxfan this is complete and utter bullocks

The PS3 launched on 11|17|2006

♦11|17|2006 ~ 11|17|2007 = 1 year
♦11|17|2007 ~ 11|17|2008 = 2 years
♦11|17|2008 ~ 07|25|2009 = 2 years 8 months and 8 days.

*Some people need to wake and realize that the PS3 is moving on in life cycle to bigger and better things (this is not supposition, but fact). The 360, launched in 2005 has probably seen it's best days in 2007 & 2008, and has been maxed out with games like Gears 2 and the coming Forza title.

The 360 has had a good run, but there's no new "magic" left in the tank. Why people continue to ((pay)) for LIVE connectivity on such an old system, hampered by DVD limitations in a "next-generation" age is beyond me, but trying to cover up shortcomings by artificially extending the age of the PS3 is not going to work here at N4G.

JokesOnYou3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

So I guess the 360 is mysteriously selling more hardware, especially every holiday season even without having "exclusives" since most of its lineup is made up of multiplat and pc, if I were micro I would keep doing what their doing since its working out pretty well for them.

Oh and btw we should just pretend the huge "console" sales numbers of 360 games (that are not on ps3) like SC:Conviction and L4D2 dont exist this fall when they outsell KZ2....well you know because their not exclusive. lol


coolirisGB3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

WoW there is a sh*t load of crybabies in here. I guess hearing-reading what the writer said makes it real for Sony fans?

Yes the 360 has a better >2009< lineup and no it doesn't matter if some of these games are coming to Games for Windows that will not stop the 360 sales. I see PS3 fans using games they're not even sure will even be out in 2010 now.

LOL @1.3 why use games coming in 2010 should I post games for 360 coming in 2009 and 2010? 360 has games people want to play so they buy them. PS3 games sell poorly because they get free passes from reviewers. Also a sh*t load of PS3 media will review 360 games now, hmmm I wonder why.

3832d ago
masterg3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )


I do own both consoles since launch. That's 1 PS3 and two dead 360 and one living.

Hhmmm... You think I'm not a gamer... Let me tell you how it is.
I will not spend any time on a game that doesn't speak to me. If a game speaks to me I will play it to a level that's not healthy.

The first year of the PS3 I had two games I enjoyed (MS2 and Resistance). On the 360 I had lots.

Now (for me at least) the tables have turned. I have moved my 360 to my bedroom, because I play it so little. My PS3 is in the living room because (as I said) I play about 90% of the time on it, plus it works so much better as a media player.

You need to learn how to speak without sounding live a 12 year-old, that simply gets annoying.

Headshot813832d ago

Alan wake, looks interesting, but i'll have to seee more footage. I still like the ps3's exclusives better since i've followed them from the ps1 and ps2 days. Something about the high quality devs they have that make the games fun and look + perform great. I guess thats why i bought a ps3, simply because i knew that he franchises i was most intereted on were going to stay on the ps3, and new one's like infamous,mag, and uncharted were created.

FamilyGuy3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

You guys always add in dlc for the 360s lineup as real games well if that's the case why not add in all the good PS3s PSN titles? 360s lineup falls real short when that's brought to the table, their "good" xbla titles are very few.

This year:

Burn Zombie Burn
Comet Crash
Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam
Fat Princess
Gunstar Heroes
Heavy Weapon
Inferno Pool
Magic Ball
Noby Noby Boy
Outrun Online Arcade
PixelJunk Shooter
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic
Smash Cars
Trash Panic
Trine (timed?)
Zen Pinball

LazyDevs3832d ago

Well considering not very many people are commenting on the article. I agree with it if you own a Xbox360 these are games you should not miss. And i think if someone comes in here and post this PS3 bullsh!t should have the post deleted. So if you only own a PS3 WTF are you doing in here and if you game only on a PC and PS3 WTF are you doing in here.

kewlkat0073832d ago

Some tend to forget Sony has had a 7+ year head start and has been hogging all the big 3rd-party franchises up till now.

xTruthx3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

JokesOnYou -

I think you havent been reading NPD lately huh ? Both PS3 and 360 has been selling almost the same ammount of units each year, and if you look closely at them, the ps3 has been selling faster. Y the 360 sells more units than ps3 on the holidays ? I think its obvious right ? First, MS spends a lot of $ on ads on those 2 ending months. Second, which console is cheaper ? the 360 or the PS3 ?. Third, install base? I think it has been clear that the 360 has a larger install base just because of the year headstart over the PS3, if it didnt have more units than the PS3 by now, something would of been wrong. So plz think b4 you post and take out those blind fan boy eyes out of n4g.

Now ill wait for the multiple disagress of the same people using multiple accounts.

DevastationEve3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Xbox 360 is not a hampered system. DVD's only limitation pertains the total space ONE DISC can have, which means games can be made to fit on MORE if the developers want/need to.

And let's face it: bluray has only proved useful for keeping huge games on one disc, having lossless audio (who has the speakers for that anyway) and saving nice 1080p cgi fmvs for the rabid ps3 fanboys to eat up and confuse with being realtime.

The specs that matter the most are memory, graphics, and processor.


*both consoles have about the same amount of memory, with the exception that Xenos has a a dedicated 10MB of EDRAM.

PS3: 256MB XDR + 256MB GDDR3. Having memory split between the two main processors has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that workloads will always have to be smaller to fit into the main system, since each pool is hardwire programmed to be DEDICATED to its respective component. Also, the framebuffer resides in RSX's own GDDR3, which doesn't provide it enough bandwidth for most PS3 games to have antialiasing.

Xbox 360: 512MB GDDR3 + 10MB eDRAM. With an emphasis on having one large pool of memory developers can build larger workloads.


*both consoles have a very powerful graphics chip, with the exception that Xenos was built on a newer architecture.

PS3: RSX, a standard shader array GPU clocked at 550mhz. 24 pixel plus 8 vertex shaders, total avaiable shader pipelines is 32. It's pixel shader processing power is very high, but it lacks in vertex processing when compared with Xenos. Not as efficient in handling dynamic workloads, and also can't be fed physics or geometry shader programs.

Xbox 360: Xenos, a unified shader architecture GPU clocked at 500mhz. 3 16-pipeline shader arrays in a 48-way dual-parallel shader core, total avaiable shader pipelines is 48. The pipelines may not be as brute-force powerful as RSX's in pixel processing but they are efficient in handling workloads and are not restricted to a single type of shader program per pipeline. Xenos's daughter die is a special type of "intelligent memory" that contains 192 pixel processors as well as logic for extremely high bandwidth framebuffer needs, such as tiled rendering and antialiasing.


*both consoles have a formidable CPU, with the exception that CellBE will always need to work with RSX to make up for RSX's poor vertex performance.

PS3: CellBE, a single dual-threaded PPE and its 8 subordinate SPE units, clocked at 3.2Ghz. one of the 8 is in use by the OS, the 8th is locked. 2 PPE threads plus 6 SPE threads equals 8 threads of execution. SPEs are fed work from the PPE through the EIB, which means developers have to tailor PS3 games to use those SPEs effectively.

Xbox 360: Symmetrical triple dual-threaded cores, clocked at 3.2Ghz. 2 threads per core, 3 cores equals 6 threads of execution. All cores are independent from each other, all threads are immediately available as long as developers build their game engine for multithreading.

Even in the PC world buying the optical drive will NEVER be the priority part in the system building process, most people will spend the extra money on better parts.

ps3d03832d ago

leyego demon soul looks like a sub par rpg but I'll probably give it a rental to seen if maybe its good. Fat Princess doesnt look remotely interesting.

chrisnick I have zero interest in sports game so the truth is I've never even heard of mlb09. What 360 get this year ? Halo War , Star Ocean 4, Velvet Assassin, 2 GTA4 DLC, GoW2 Expansion, Shadow Complex, Section 8, Halo 3: ODST, Forza 3, Lips: Number One Hits, Magnacarta 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Dungeon Hero and Splinter Cell: Conviction. Thats not even a full list can you name that many exclusives that will be on the ps3 ?

ultimate9203832d ago

He calls Forza 3 the pinnacle of driving simulator when nobody has played it yet with the only thing backing him up is his confidence...

I really don't give a damn about his opinion after that

But MS seems to be getting a lot of exclusive DLC content from games, which seems to not be stopping anytime soon.

I still don't like the article, it shows multiplaform games along with it's AAA exclusives MS has for the year. Not good.

The 360 is good, I know that but this article is just full of fanboy s*&% that doesn't give me much credibility.

I can't think of many PS3 games coming late 2009 (I'm too damn lazy to look it up) but at least the PS3 had some good games this year and there's some games to be expected for 2009.

360 has a good line up of games, but this article just pisses me off with the amount of s*&@ he's saying to back him up.

I'll give a damn about somebody's opinion when it's not making s&%# up from the top of his head and has good facts about the game.

Immortal Kaim3832d ago

It isn't complicated to understand that everyone has different tastes, and thus will have a different opinion about each consoles line-up. If someone said the Wii had the best line-up (in their opinion), this year, who am I to question their tastes.

Most of the morons on N4G only care about the system they own, it doesn't matter if an awesome game was released on the 'competitors' console, they will never acknowledge it. It used to be about the games, what happened?

Case in point, I only got a PS3 a couple of months back (now I have the complete set of current gen systems), and up until then, I never berated or 'bashed' the PS3 for the sake of it cause I didn't own one. I asked questions about the PSN service, talked about some upcoming games I was looking forward to and even listened to PS3 focused podcasts (BEYOND!!!), you know why, cause I am more interested in the bloody games than the chunk of plastic that plays them.

I think a great deal of you need to think about why you play games or comment on N4G, if it is only about your 'e-penis', then I suggest finding a different hobby, preferably sky-diving (minus the parachute) ;)

Maddens Raiders3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

N4G. The Prince watches you.

theEnemy3832d ago


Both console have great exclusives.

It's a matter of preference on what you want to play.

king dong33832d ago

this year i will be buying just uncharted2, mag if it hits and demons soul for my ps3.

and for my xbox i will be buying, halo odst, forza3, splinter cell, l4d2, modern warfare2, bad all the other multi-plats that i only buy on my 360.

i think there,s more that i will be buying for both ps3 and 360...i just cant think of the names off of the top of my head.

JokesOnYou3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

You bring up NPD sales numbers but the you go on to say:

"the ps3 has been selling faster."

Yeah, I'm not sure if people are just going by released statements from both companies which are more focused on shipped numbers vs more accurate sales numbers and also count different timeframes.

-Its weird why those who say ps3 is selling faster don't break it down with actual sales numbers from NPD.

-As of Nov 2006-
Specifically referring to NPD#'s in Nov 2006 the 360 had sold 3.4 mil its first year in the US.

-As of Jan 2008-
"XBOX 360 WIDENS THE GAP OVER PS3 WITH CONSOLE SALES: According to NPD, Xbox 360 sold 1.3 million consoles in December alone, and has steadily widened the gap between Sony’s PlayStation 3 console sales. In December, NPD stated that Sony sold 798,000 PS3 hardware units. Since PS3’s launch in November 2006, Xbox 360 has outsold PS3 by nearly 2:1 on average, bringing a total U.S. Xbox 360 install base of 9.2 million consoles, compared to and installed base of 7.4 million Wii consoles and 3.3 million PS3 consoles."

-As of Jan 2009-
360 sold 4.735mil..... ps3 sold 3.544mil (during 2008)
"360 outsold the PS3 by 1.34:1" (during 2008)

-So adding the numbers 360 in Nov 2006 started with a 3.4mil lead. Then adding the 2007 and 2008 numbers for ps3 and 360 puts 360 at 13.9mil and ps3 at 6.8mil at the start of 2009 which is a gap of 7.1= 360 has INCREASED its lead over the ps3.

-Finally we know the 360 has outsold ps3 ALL year so far in 2009 which means the gap has only grown more. So please tell(show) me how: "if you look closely at them, the ps3 has been selling faster."? lol, hell we also know ps3 is by far doing better in Japan but with 360 doing better in a large territory like UK and decent in many other areas, according to Gfk and other limited sources this would put the 360 slightly ahead or at least even in global sales not counting US sales of course= The gap mostly because of US is still growing. So maybe: "you havent been reading NPD lately huh ?" lmfao


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GrandDragon3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

- Halo 3: ODST

Confirmed compromised Resolution = inferior
Confirmed minimal Campaigning hours (5-8 hours MAX) LOL

- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Looks really Good


- Forza Motorsport 3

GT5 wins

GT5 wins

Expectation favours GT5 over Forza 3

No NASCAR Racing
No WRC (World Rally Championship)
No Night & Day Cycles
Up scaled to 1080p (Not native)
Only 400 cars which is inferior to GT PSP (800 cars 2X as much)
Graphically Forza 3 fails to rival GT5 or even GT5P
TWO Discs
DVD 9 Disk = Compromised (since the competitor has 50Gb) :)

Masamori Sumimura3833d ago

atleast your not a total douche you like Conviction.

Stryfeno23833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

and the PS3 list will be...

1. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
2. Delayed
3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
4. Delayed
5. Cancelled

Gamer_Politics3833d ago

Lols GT5 is so good that it has no confirmed release date just delays and how come some cheap trailer @E3 instead of gameplay

enjoi1873833d ago

pc = a HUGE Microsoft logo on it....go for it and buy it its still exclusive to Microsoft you morons

ps3 games i own = 2
ps3 games waiting for = gow 3 gt5 uncharted 2

my ps3 gets no love besides blu-ray.....

lloyd_wonder3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

1. Killzone 2 AAA
2. MLB 09 AAA
3. Ratchet & Clank
4. Uncharted 2
5. Demons Souls
6. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
7. MAG
8. inFamous

All in 09. Correct me if I missed something, PS3 gamers.

Gamer_Politics3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Demons Souls
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
The Show 09

so your going to count some remake of an old game which is sigma 2 along with Demon Souls made by Fromsoftware?Lols and you even thrown in some baseball game...

Stryfeno23833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Is Killzone 2 AAA and MLB 09 AAA new titles or sequels releasing at the end of 09?

Half of your list is already been released...Sigma 2 is just plain old Ninja Gaiden 2 with DLC. MAG was delayed. All you have to play is Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank in 09.

Enjoy the scrawny little list you have.

danthaman153833d ago

I agree with you, but this article is about the Xbox having games, not what games have better graphics.

Mo0eY3832d ago

You forgot to add this to the list:

RRoD: Keep it cooled - within the next six months for 30% of owners
E-74: Dodge that error! - who knows will this game will release - but it could be today, tomorrow, or next year!
Scratched Disc Monster - avoid this terrifying beast at all costs in this much talked about holiday hit.
Let's Talk Sales - real-time sales of the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the Wii. With things such as graphs and numbers, what's a better way to have fun? Sure to be the biggest seller for 2009.

There you have it, folks. No wonder Xbox 360 fans are anticipating this holiday.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33832d ago

The way I see it, the 360 only has like 2 real exclusives this year - Forza3 and Halo ODST, which is a glorified expansion pack, nowhere near 60$(unless you missed out on the DLC, you might as well buy it, but if you're that hardcore of a Halo fan, you probably already have the DLC)

And why does everyone forget Fat Princess!? That game puts the 3 hr long shadow complex to shame. Fat Princess has tons of replayability and depth, it is addicting as hell! Not to mention online and offline.(played the beta)

da720izcumin3832d ago

09 holiday line up:

Halo 3: ODST
Forza Motorsport 3
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Left 4 Dead 2
Darkest of Days
Magna Carta 2
section 8
Ninty Nine Knights 2
Kingdom Under Fire II
Shadow complex
Champions online
Raven squad
GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony (+ 'GTA: Episodes from Liberty City' standalone disc)
Lips: Number One Hits
Raiden IV

XLiveGamer3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Expectation favours GT5 over Forza 3
No NASCAR Racing?
No WRC (World Rally Championship)
No Night & Day Cycles
Up scaled to 1080p (Not native)
Only 400 cars which is inferior to GT PSP (800 cars 2X as much)
Graphically Forza 3 fails to rival GT5 or even GT5P
TWO Discs
DVD 9 Disk = Compromised (since the competitor has 50Gb) :)

-Hold on punk ass ignorant kid...
the only thing you mentioned in that list that is clear is the difference between Blu Ray and DVD9 BUT!!! Its funny how Forza 3 a game in a DVD9 looks more gorgeous than GT5.

"Rally and Nascar"
Well this prove that they are not taking the meaning of Simulation seriously because GT4 and Prologe are not an upgraded simulator in the GT series is just more of the same B.S.

Day & Night Cycles?
That is a cool feature BUT those feature have an impact on simulation (handling and Speed)? You can mention weather but if they dont get the handling and speed simulation right its pointless.

Forza 3 1080p Upscaled?
Well lets see what happens but the game its running at 60 FPS and looks more gorgeous than GT5.

-800 cars?
So how many of those are you going to drive in GT5?
Hey 400 >GREAT< cars are great deal for me. How many of those 800 are Nascar+Formula+Rally? By the way i bet you grandma car will be there. Does 800 cars, Formula, Nascar and Rally cars help "Real Simulation Platform and Handling"? (the most important thing of the game)

-Graphically Forza 3 fails to rival GT5 or even GT5P?
There goes your fanaticism coming out from your azz. Where the fnck do you have your eyes? In your rectum?

-2 Discs?
Does that hurt the gameplay and Simulation? Its that scaring me to not pick that game?

Sorry already reserved and "Limited Edition" by the way .

But hey im still wondering... Who from this Forza 3 haters burn tires on the streets or in GT Races? and i mean in real life. Because there is nothing more stupid than somebody commenting that the simulation in GT is better than Forza and that person dont even know how to drive or not even have a car. So only real racers and people with experience can really say wich one is more close to realism. But hey i already have 7 professionals opinion.

Mo0eY3832d ago

XLiveGamer, you're pretty shallow. GT is played by several professional racers as a simulator. GT is endorsed by several racing companies. PD also designs cars for these racing companies. Until Forza can do this, they have no room to talk.

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Masamori Sumimura3833d ago

fanboys dont get the fact that microsoft got 2 fields of gamers to please and thats cpu OS users and Console users.

so they'll always try to say that its not really an exlcusive while it is since it's only available on Microsoft systems.

there is alot of exclusives coming for Microsoft this year :

SplinterCell Conviction
Shadow Complex
Magna Carta II
Ninety Nine Nights 2
Forza 3
GTAIV:Ballad of Gay tony

Natsu X FairyTail3833d ago

Magna Carta II demo is out on XBL Japan but I can't understand the part where you're trainning :(

the game looks good though.

masterg3833d ago

@Masamori Sumimura

I have both consoles and I play on my PC as well. What does that make me?

Persistantthug3833d ago

Microsoft doesn't make money from PC games.....unless of course Microsoft has developed and/or published said game.

uxo223832d ago

I see nothing has changes around here. Same ole sh!t different day.

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Spike473833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

The xbox360 has tons of good games this gen

Real top notch games on that list are Halo ODST, Splinter Cell, and Forza 3, and you forgot Mass Effect 2, see you could've made your list longer LOL

Natsu X FairyTail3833d ago

people name

Fat princess and ratchet and clank all the time in their list and wipeout!

these ps3 games deserve to be in those list because they are great PSN titles!!!!

Shadow Complex and GTAIVDLC deserve to stand as games also

Corepred43832d ago

and how the hell do you know that... have you played shadow complex, no! all the psn games you mentioned have already been played and you said it yourself they are great psn titles. but then you bring up shadow complex, come on man.

Milky3833d ago

Its just funny how the tables have turned the past year.

'PS3 has no gamez!!' has turned into '360 has no gamezz!!!'

Xi3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

with all of the delays it's turned back to ps3 has no games again...

I don't mean it literally, I'm just saying that for the month people have been saying the 360 has no games, 2/3 high profile ps3 games were delayed into 2010.

II Necroplasm II3833d ago

Tables turned? How?

Delusional disorder is a terrible thing I must say.

OmarJA3833d ago

Agreed, the PS3 had the best lineup last year & apparently this year too & next year will just be better.