PS3Hype: SuperCar Challange Preview

PS3Hype writes: 'SuperCar Challenge is a PlayStation 3 Exclusive race game. SuperCar Challenge will be out this August, and here we have a preview from the game. With this first look you will see that not only Gran Turismo 5 is a great race game for the PlayStation 3.'

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snaz273835d ago

and it sounds pretty cool, could be just the filler i need to tie me over till gt5 comes out! the only thing that puts me off a little is that it only has 40 cars, they dont say how many tracks, but either way i think i might well just pick this game up, the rain effects look pretty impressive, and its coming out very soon,

Marcelles253835d ago

and this game should not be released its good but not good enough no one will buy it and plus it was suppose to come out already unles they redo the whole thing they should just cancell it and give it to everybody who has the beta for free IMO

snaz273835d ago

ive done some reading up on the game and its had some praise ign being one of them, i appreciate you dont think much of it, but that is just you opinion, to say noone will buy it is a little far fetched, im considering getting it, but i wont pay full price... ill wait till its at about £20 or something, unless gt5 comes out before then lmao

tripewire3835d ago

Hmm, so maybe no GT5 this year then?

I doubt anyone would want to compete with GT on the same platform. It'd be suicide. Best case scenario, GT5 at the very end of december.

That said, if this game gets moved around, It's because the big one is coming.

snaz273835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

which is a good thing right? cos we all want it to be the best it can be, however if it is ready i would very highly doubt they would leave it till after christmas to release it, i really think it will come out at the end of this year, imagine the xmas sales it they bundled gt5 and gave a ps3 price drop, i think it would literally explode... not that i care much for sales, aslong as i get to play these badass games comin out. ive looked at the price for this game tho, and its £37.99, which to be honest i feel is abit pricey.