30° interviews Qore's Veronica Belmont

Dana Olson on writes:

"Veronica Belmont is a geeky girl who hosts Internet show Tekzilla, as well as Sony and Future US collaboration, Qore. We sat down to talk to her a little bit about Qore, and a little bit about her gaming life."

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GameGambits3839d ago

Weird that I've seen Qore, but never thought she was actually a legit gamer. After reading her fav games and such, and then showing off her exploits in them I think I can safely say this is the only good looking chick that actually games who is in the spotlight.

No Morgan Webb sucks at games. Cliffy B even made fun of her for it. Heck she almost blatantly admits off and on that if it isn't casual friendly then Webb will suck at it or pass on it entirely.

Olivia Munn FOR SURE is not a gamer. She's the "I know how to hit the buttons on a Guitar Hero controller and swing my Wii Mote around" gamer.

Real Gambler3839d ago

Played Fallout on PC and WoW is her fav game. Cool girl for sure! Even if she's "working" for Sony, she's not affraid to say she love games on PC...