Sony takes on MySpace

Sony has just launched VAIO Nation, a social networking website that it hopes will be its answer to MySpace.

The site is aimed at creative types – primarily in the fields of music and film – who want to share ideas and skills with the community. The community itself includes some well-known talent including DJ Norman Jay and rapper Plan B, who will be posting regular blogs and have, according to Sony, created their latest work on VAIO laptops using its audio and video editing software.

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Robotz Rule4194d ago

Looks like Sony has a loooooooooong way to go!:)

ITR4194d ago

Myspace? You taking on...isn't it Fox that owns(most of) Myspace?

Best watch out Sony. Fox might change/or support HD-DVD.

TriggerHappy4194d ago

Myspace has been well established. Taking on myspace is like you US going to IRAN. good luck Sony.

techie4194d ago

myspace has already been overtaken by Facebook in the UK...

Xeoset4194d ago

Actually MySpace overruns everyone above 18.
Bebo is the largest still, but it's majority of members are 13-16.

I've never even seen FaceBook.

Torch4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Yeah, the Facebook fad is the first thing that came to my mind as well. Here in Canada, all my younger cousins (who used to rave about Myspace) are now ALL about Facebook...and it just seemed to have creeped up overnight.

Sadly, you know you're getting old when you excitedly look up members from your high school graduation year ('93), and it turns up with no search results. :(

On the bright side, my year appears to be the current cutoff for oldness, because I do recognize a lot of people from '94! So I guess I'm still old...but the YOUNGEST of the old!!!

'Scuse me now while I go soak my dentures and change my Depends.

Merovee4194d ago

It would be like if some company started a search engine and toppled Yahoo..... er, hmmm.

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kewlkat0074194d ago

I see a lot of people using that, there are too many of these sites really. People can't keep up with their own lives let alone 2 or 3 on pages scattered on every form of mediums. Well I think Facebook used to be College only.

techie4194d ago

Things's the best way to find old friends. Use it at uni as well for discussions with lecturers.

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The story is too old to be commented.