New Silicon Knights IP leaked by Telefilm Canada?

NextGen Player writes:

"A curious bit of news today, courtesy of this press release. Apparently, St. Catherines-based developer Silicon Knights have a new project underway. "

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Sez 3835d ago

I thought too human was a good game. The long death respawns was the main issue with me. I hope they make a sequel to the first and just fix the long death scene.

divideby03835d ago

by the time we see the game, I will be to old to play it

InFAMOUS13835d ago

I'm about to email my good friend, who works at Silicon Knights and see if he will give me any insider information. I doubt he will considering he was hush hush with Too Human, but maybe he will give me a "No that is not the IP" or "Yes thats the new IP" WISH ME LUCK

cyclindk3835d ago

What I would give for an Eternal Darkness: SR next gen remake or sequel..

divideby03835d ago

4 sure....think about the time it game out...a standout game..
hence I had such high hopes for SK and they completely disappointed me as many others.

ThaGeNeCySt3835d ago

Funny thing... I just finished Too Human, and I thought it was pretty decent when I was finished (though the ending was a bit lackluster IMO couldn't believe I was finished after 12 hours).. the long death scene didn't bother me, but i was mainly pissed off when there'd be a horde of enemies on screen and I knocked an enemy up and followed, sometimes it took a long time for me to land cuz my body would be on top of the enemies and i'd have to remain dormant until I hit the floor again. I wouldn't mind a Too Human part 2

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