Don't Judge A Review Just By It's Number

Koku Gamer writes: "Consider the following scenario: A game is announced that gets you really excited. From then on you're checking your favorite site for the latest previews, news and trailers of the said game. For months you anxiously await its arrival and in the meantime pre-order the special edition at your local gaming retail outlet. The game finally drops and you're first in line to pick it up. You drive home, pop in the disc, and enjoy every second as it was everything you hoped for. To you the game is flawless with excellent voice acting, a fulfilling story, and superb gameplay. But then you check that favorite site of yours to see what they have to say about it. Your shocked to see that the reviewer has given it a 5 out of 10."

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rockleex3839d ago

Of adding a score if the score doesn't matter?

Why can't we just have text reviews?

Why can't it be as simple as "thumbs up" and "thumbs down"?

Or how about "crap", "average", "excellent", "timeless"?

No numbers.

gumgum993839d ago

Perhaps the best solution will be to not have the editor review be the "be all, end all" review that overshadows the reader reviews. That way, if a under-rated game is slammed, the readers who disagree would have a review that is of equal value.

The scoreless review would help as well.

Andrew Wiggin3839d ago

I agree totally, it's all in the text

Elven63839d ago

I agree, I personally look for a demo at every chance.

Ziriux3839d ago

Well, here is my great example of how shistey rating can be really. The Force Unleashed, clearly has an epic story line, after all it is a Star Wars universe game. The gameplay, while may have been repetitive it was no different from any hack and slash title including God of War or Too Human. Sadly I think with reviews it's all about an opinion of that writer not the technical aspect the game brings in gameplay or the emotion the story brings. Sadly its' something that reviewers need to talk about more rather than just all being their opinion.

Cenobia3839d ago

FarCry 2 got 9's.

Most over-rated game I've seen so far. Sure it looks good, but it has absolutely no depth, a totally stupid story, and not one character you wouldn't shoot in the face just because your gun was loaded.

Dam I hate that game. 9 my ass.

Carnage12903839d ago

The number can be good for a couple things, but overall I do agree. If you don't read the text you really can't get a true feeling for what the reviewer thought of the game. Unfortunately we live in an age were people want this kind of info as quick as they can get it so they just look at the number and move on.

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The story is too old to be commented.