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kalebgray924350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

maybe the best game of the next generation im putting this up there with gears "1!"... killzone 2.... halo 3.... and msg4

if in order i would put it

2.gears 1
3. killzone 2
4. halo 3

uncharted might just take the #1 spot but i still have to play it ... and if i had to i would put uncharted 1 at no. 5

edit: btw gears 2 sucked .... bad

G3TDOWN4350d ago

what does those **** that no one cares about your opinions have to do with Uncharted 2 Gameplay footage ?

rockleex4350d ago

Because I don't see how he's flaming.

He's just being really random and sort of off topic with bad grammar.

aksmashh4350d ago

Good video but i check on n4g once a week at most, probably because its summer

beavis4play4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

by the way - UC2 just looks amazing. going to be a great year overall for gamers.

G3TDOWN4350d ago

Emily Rose plays Elena and she is hawt ! hawt hawt

Mo0eY4350d ago

Can someone say Jello, pudding, or whipped cream fight?

FamilyGuy4350d ago

She's got a really nice ass. Third person view in a shooter never looked so sweet. (beta)

I couldn't help but watch.

navyguy214350d ago

Uncharted 2 will be AWESOME!!

Bubble Buddy4350d ago

Yeah but I love women in charge > :D, well till they get b*tchy >.>

ABizzel14350d ago

I like Chloe. She spoke the truth, if you can't help the team out you'll be Left 4 Dead :)

Chloe is a great addition to the Uncharted universe since we have Elena the goody goody, and the person who brings out the best in Nate. Sully Drake's bestie, and the guy who has a good time. And now Chloe who seems like the one who brings out the darker side of Drake.

Hopefully none of the die. This is going to be a cast of characters, and a game to remember for a while.

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deshon094350d ago

cole is a biotch lol the i cant wate for this game

Madgunner4350d ago

i had to stop watching that.. i just dont want to spoil it..

Mo0eY4350d ago

It's okay - Aeris dies.

xxBATTLECATxx4350d ago

and The Boss is actually sacrificing herself undercover in order to avoid nuclear war.......

4pocalyps34350d ago

and samus is really a woman...

Jager4350d ago


Aeris Dies? WTF?

The Boss did that? WTF?


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