IGN: SDCC 09: Saw Hands-On

A reasonable person would expect Konami's Saw, based off the movies, to be terrible. After all, it's a movie-licensed game based on a horror franchise. Everything about it screams "Must be awful!" Guess what? It's not. Hilary Goldstein played a good bit of Saw, far beyond what was available at E3. Hilary Goldstein is not a fan of the Saw series -- He prefers porn to include naked women grinding on men, not dude's having their heads lopped off by an ingenious trap. But he liked Saw: The Videogame. It has its issues, but it definitely has a shot at being a good game.

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Hellsvacancy3832d ago

It cant b any worse than Lost The Vidogame (which i found on a wall believe me or not)