"Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Collector's Edition" Comes With 80-page Book

A special Collector's Edition of the PS3 ninja action game from Tecmo will be available exclusively at GameStop retailers nationwide and Canada. The Collector's Edition includes an 80-page book.

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saint_john_paul_ii3832d ago

im hoping that this game gets Home support such as game launching and a home space dedicated to everything NG.

FamilyGuy3832d ago

That's a great idea! I like when the Home spaces actually do something like have mini games and/ game launching.

What's the release date? I want this and bayonetta but i cant just buy both at the same general time, the wife would get pissed...

If they release at the same time im torn too as im likely the pickup whichever comes first but this one has online co-op and bayonetta is single player only. I guess i just answered my own dilemma.

morganfell3832d ago

Well I already dropped my preorder on this. I just beat Sigma again this afternoon.

Unicron3832d ago

That's next on my shelf... I just finished Okami FINALLY and have moved on to inFamous.

user8586213832d ago

infamous is a hell of an experience if u play on hard mode!! trust me!! :P

saint_john_paul_ii3832d ago

BTW it looks like they secretly changed the cover of the game to have the PSN label on it. about time.

morganfell3832d ago

I played the hell out of this at E3. It runs liker butter. They had it at the main huge Sony booth as well as the Tecmo booth. Jaw dropping texture upgrades over NG2.

saint_john_paul_ii3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

im not surprised. Behold teh power of "TEH CELL" it can make things run better than the competition.

Im definitely getting this as well. just hoping for game launching and a homespace dedicated for it.

jackdoe3832d ago

It's probably a different engine from NG2, which is why it is native 720p over the 360 versions subHD native resolution.

Aclay3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Didn't expect this game to have a Collectors Edition, but I'm definantly picking this game up and I'll probably get this Collectors Edition since it's listed only $10 bucks more than the standalone copy on Gamestop's website.

The last Hack-and-Slash PS3 game I've played is Heavenly Sword when it first came out (amazing game even though it was short), and I need something like Sigma 2 to quench my thirst until the real blood bath begins with God of War 3!

CobraKai3832d ago

Power Rangers kick ass!!!!
I no longer preorder at gamestop. I can't stand em and their employees.
If I wanted a strategy guide I woulda asked for it!!

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The story is too old to be commented.