Bungie Weekly Update: 07/24/09

Bungie writes:

"A fanatical orgy of super nerds descended upon San Diego this week to get their clammy hooks on all manner of geeky, cross-genre goodness. Our boys Brian and Bertone have been busy wading through the body odor to offer up free samples of Halo 3: ODST Firefight (and mopping down each gaming station's controller with industrial strength antibacterial wipes). Good times.

Though Brian's absence from the community corner of the studio means I'm left to man the fort all by my lonesome, he hasn't gone completely dark. Surrounded on all sides by a teeming mass of pimpled manflesh for sixteen hours on Thursday, and armed only with his fancy pants magic phone and his hotel room's blazing fast broadband connection, Brian did his best to sum up the experience with a handful of snaps and a small pile of words.

Yesterday we enjoyed a quaint afternoon with upwards of 100,000 other people who all descended upon the San Diego Convention Center for the annual Comic-con. Paul Bertone and I brought ODST along and offered fans a chance to get some hands-on time with Firefight inside the Xbox booth. Apparently, judging by the constant lines and crowds, a lot of people like Halo. Who knew?"

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