Gaming Union: Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service Review

Gaming Union writes "It's fair to say Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service achieves its purpose of being an introduction into gaming for the younger generation. However, the mini-games it chooses to employ are essentially just old classics with a Postman Pat re-skin; it would have been nice to see some more original games. Due to the nature of the title, there isn't a great deal of content, and while it may serve as a distraction for kids for while, inevitably its overall appeal will become tiresome within a short peroid of time. While Postman Pat is quite endearing to a lot of children the game itself doesn't really do enough with the branding to make it one of a kind."

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mephman3828d ago

To be expected really.

Kyll3828d ago

You don't think they could have done something decent with Postman Pat?

mephman3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Well, they could have tried to come up with some innovative mini-games. Meh.

Kyll3828d ago

Damn, I miss Postman Pat =/.

ShawnCollier3828d ago

And another shovelware DS title gets released. >.>

Ashriel3828d ago

cartero Pat, cartero Pat, con su blanco y negro gato (8)

I remember that show from when I was a kid