wbouler5056d ago

I hope this game is as good as it looks

presto7175056d ago

The guy playing is such a n00b.

Nitrowolf25056d ago (Edited 5056d ago )

love the music, glad they keept the same gameplay style, this looked easy but that because it was a demo, im sure that they didnt want everyone dieing quick on it

tiamat55055d ago

Actually it looked like the centaur was kicking his butt. Look how many times he got knocked down by the spear and its hooves. It didn't look that easy. But it definately looked EPIC, first day buy if I can scrape together the money to buy it.

Ravage275055d ago (Edited 5055d ago )

I never knew i had it in me to complete Demon's Souls, but i end up enjoying so much :D I want awe-inspiring and creative boss fights that requires thinking prior to action like those awesome ones in Demon's Souls.

Prototype has the worst bossfights i have played in recent memory - uninspired design(tentacle monsters wow..),cheap & boring attacks(homing rocks?? wtf!?),craploads of hp to artificially prolong the game length,battle setup that seems to rely more on luck than is the only game I sold off before completing this gen.