Monster Hunter 3's Online Fees Look Familiar

Siliconera wrote: "With only days until it comes out Capcom confirmed Monster Hunter 3's online mode will be pay to play. To access the online mode you need a hunting ticket, which are sold in tiers just like Monster Hunter G.

Before you fork over Wii Points you get a twenty day trial subscription. Afterwards, it's 800 Wii Points ($8) for a 30 day subscription, 1,500 Wii Points ($15) for a 60 days, or 2,000 Wii Points ($20) for 90 days."

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Nitrowolf24341d ago

so wait this is coming to us right? at the end of article it says from now to march 2010. I hope capcom does not make it pay to play for us, the other are free, but they still might change their minds about it.

qface644341d ago

yeah capcom said they are bringing it to the U.S they just never said when though

maybe it will be free in the U.S since it isn't that popular over here even if its not ill pay because i just wanna play this game

FamilyGuy4341d ago

So this means it's officially an mmo then?

qface644341d ago

the console versions were always like that monster hunter g was pay to play

still no word if it will be pay to play for the U.S i hope not but im not holding my breath

joemayo764341d ago

and i officially no longer want this game as monster hunting solo just isn't the same as monster hunting online. And no way i'm paying for this.

rockleex4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

I said they should have just made a Monster Hunter MMORPG for the HD consoles instead.

Will this even be a full MMO for the Wii? Or are you limited to your friend list and stuff?

I wouldn't mind paying if its actually an MMO, whether for the Wii, PS3, or 360.

SpoonyRedMage4341d ago

It's not an MMO and it would still be pay to play on the PS3 and 360...

I'm also not sure but I think it separate from the Wiis online.

ExcelKnight4341d ago

Monster Hunter (PS2) was free to play online in North America, but the servers are now permanently shut down.

If Monster Hunter Tri ever makes it here, I suspect Capcom won't make it pay to play (suicidal for a hardcore series with already weak market penetration to be P2P on the Wii...) but won't keep the servers up for a very long time.

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kenjix4341d ago

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the Win

FamilyGuy4341d ago

Though I won't be picking the latest one up until i get my Go!

joemayo764341d ago

MHFU + adhoc party = kick ass online thats FREE!!!!

Arnon4341d ago

...You guys realize MH3 is a different game, right?

FamilyGuy4340d ago

But the psp 2002+ has video out and add adhoc party to the mix we've got an ok substitute.

Arnon4339d ago

True dat.. I love doing that too haha. But MH3 has some... pretty amazing features.

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divideby04341d ago

dont play games that are pay to play....but 20 bucks for 3 months is more inline with monthly fees may attract some on the fence.

G4drake4341d ago

you pay for the game and you pay more to play.............i will buy the game, but i will NOT pay for the quests.....and i hopew they put some free quest

SpoonyRedMage4341d ago

Well as it says pay to play may only be in Japan as they always have been pay to play in Japan.

v1c1ous4341d ago

MOnster hunter for ps2 was FREE in THE U.S.

in FACT, a LOT of games that are played for free online in the US and pay-to-play in japan.


let's wait till official word on this, but i am more confident in it being P2P in US

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