IBM Integrates Cell Into Mainframes For Virtual Worlds

IBM officials have announced that the technology giant is working with Brazilian developer Hoplon Infotainment to integrate IBM's Cell Broadband Engine, which leverages off of the PlayStation 3's Cell processor, within its powerful mainframe computers. The effort, according to IBM, will better allow the company's high-end machines to handle running online games and virtual worlds.

IBM notes that bringing the Cell Broadband Engine, or Cell/B.E., to its mainframe computers will create a platform that is ideally equipped to handle running massive online virtual worlds, as well as complex 3D applications such as those used for mapping, collaborating, and ERP deployment.

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The General4194d ago

Does this mean that PS3 Online can become even better than before, especially when it comes to 'Home'?

TriggerHappy4194d ago

And this is also another way of saying ps3 has an edge over the 360. 360 also have it's good times over the ps3.

Kyur4ThePain4194d ago

This really has nothing to do with the PS3 or 360. Let's not drag them into this and have yet another b!tching match.
This is general industry news...let's keep it that way.

Black Republican4194d ago

some delusional ppl think that just because the PS3 has cell it can do everything a computer might be able to do that also uses cell

TheExecutive4194d ago

Maybe by using this chip in these machines they can better understand what can be done with it? Maybe. I dont know though.

D3acon4194d ago

One thing is for sure, even if the ps3 fails somehow, the cell processor has too many applications that will benefit a wide range of things; Medical, Military, Business, as well as personal use. I can hardly wait for the cell based computer that will eventually come out.