MMORPG - Stargate Worlds Has One Week to Raise Cash writes: "The next week and a half may finally bring resolution to the curious case of Stargate Worlds. According to a former employee who has recently left the company, Firesky has until August 1st to raise capital or MGM will pull the license.

At this time, the company's last hope appears to be a group of doctors who are considering an $8 million investment into the company. This cash infusion would keep the company alive, allow it to pay off back wages and launch Stargate Worlds. However, our anonymous source does not believe that the deal will get done..."

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divideby03834d ago

all the investors need to do is play the game...that will make up their mind

ExcelKnight3833d ago

One has to wonder what type of decision they'd take, though.

The only people who might still be interested in an eleventh hour save of the game are huge Stargate fans who are pretty rich.

Chriswsm3833d ago

I was in the beta and when that stopped a few months back I didnt think it was even close to release. Cant see how the money would magically make it ready unless they got the Asgard to help with programming.

They didnt even have a invert mouse Y axis implemented as far as I recall.

Sad to say it but I dont think SGW will see the light of day.