Have Some Valkyria Chronicles 2 Screenshots, Concept Art

Siliconera wrote: "Sega released a few more screenshots of Valkyria Chronicles 2: The Royal Military of Gallia, one of which shows tank combat."

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-MD-4349d ago

I'm still b*tching and moaning about this not coming to the PS3... what a shame they're condemning it to handhelds.

omimasum4349d ago

cant wait for this one

1st one on the ps3 is so overlooked

Hisiru4349d ago

I think they should make the sequel for the PS3 but this game looks sweet!

joemayo764349d ago

wish it were on ps3 but w/e as long as a sequel is coming out i'm good.

but the valkyria chick's character model doesn't look to come close to selvaria from the first.

Milky4349d ago

I think it is pretty perfect for PSP, it doesn't require a right analogue stick and it is very easy to just pick up and play for as long or short as you like.

keysy4204349d ago

its not our fault the game was marketed poorly and no one knew about it till the game was out of print ive been searching the first game for 6 months to no avail

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