PS3's 2.70 External Video Backup Works, But You Can't Stream

"It's been a couple months since the PS3 2.70 firmware update, but we've finally gotten the chance to test out the external video storage. In two words: it works."

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FamilyGuy3831d ago

Store content, cuz i was about to say...

user39158003831d ago

It works, its just that the PS3 its on Beta mode, just wait another year.

Good old days dont change the facts that anything produce by sony its always broken withing a year.

PS3 all the way (to the garbage bin) whoaaaaah!.

I love my PS3 stated the fandroid, but Im so jealous of the 360, is it love or neglect to the superior being.

It takes a while and he walks away sadly with a loud voice, although not heard, it is deep in his heart that all hopes has banished from a once giant in the gaming division, it is now the inevitable looser of this generation.

Faith and hope has nothing to do with gaming, its the fandroids desire to see their precious little gem rule the gaming market and are hypocrites to acknowledge that only 360 its the way of the future.

Search, read, analyze, and comprehend once and for all, that in order for you not to drown in your deceiving desires, one most understand that gaming does not start until MS said so. (Jump In).

digger183831d ago

You have some real mental problems going on there.

Get a life wanker.

YoungKingDoran3831d ago

wait just which console do you insert yourself into? you smack the ps3 and whenever you praise the 360 it sounds like sarcasm

Harry_Manback3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I find it ammusing that you have the courage to talk about "broken" and ps3 in the same sentence.

If my memory serves me correctly, my 360 just happens to fit under that category alot better...(2 times since launch)

Do you feel better now? You were craving attention and now you got it. Too bad idiots like you need to go on the internet to get it.

Snoogins3831d ago

Are Xbox fanboys incredibly stupid? I don't condone fanboyism, but it seems most PlayStation fanboys at least add intelligence and wit to their bashing; 360 fanboys sound as though their minds haven't progressed beyond pre-pubescence and make themselves look quite pitiable. I'm surprised they know how to turn their computers on, much less use a keyboard and mouse to find this website. I suppose their caretakers do it for them. lol

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koehler833831d ago

It said that right in the firmware change list when it was released all those months ago.

divideby03831d ago

yea..I have a powered USB hub with 2 ext. hardware is the gamers delight

-EvoAnubis-3830d ago

So...the update did exactly what SCE said it would do, and somehow that's a news story?

FamilyGuy3830d ago

I'm also lost on that concept. This seems to be news simply because they doubted it...

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