Gaming Union: Heracles Chariot Racing Review

Gaming Union writes "Overall Heracles Chariot Racing feels like a poor game that was simply ported to WiiWare. The title further shoots itself in the foot by providing no instruction whatsoever and it all just feels a bit lazy. Multiplayer isn't any more fun than single player, and even the fact that gameplay can become fun at times by no means is a redeeming quality. The game should be consistently fun, unique, and just-maybe make some actual use of its theme, but this simply is not the case for Heracles Chariot Racing."

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Selyah3834d ago

Well that really made me want to play it.

mephman3834d ago

Mario Kart Reject:

It's like the Russian police - harsh, but fair.

ShawnCollier3834d ago

In Soviet Russia, bad Mario Kart ripoffs play you!

ShawnCollier3834d ago

Ugh, more crapware on WiiWare. >.>

Could have been a neat game idea, too.

mephman3834d ago

Well, it would have been nice if they'd actually changed the PS2 version.

Selyah3834d ago

Sounds like it was a bit bland anyway to be honest as it was, you think they would've adapted it more.

SpoonyRedMage3834d ago

Not even good for a downloadable title? that's bad...