Microsoft relents to European Commission, will give users browser freedom in Windows 7

"It looks like Redmond is backing slowly away from its previous IE-or-else stance on Windows 7 for European markets. According to an article just published, the OS giant has apparently caved to pressure from the European Commission over "monopoly abuse" (practices which essentially force users into Internet Explorer as their main browser). The last we'd heard on this story, the company was considering shipping the new operating system without a browser altogether, but it looks like those plans have changed. Microsoft has relented and will now offer consumers a "ballot screen" on first boot, allowing purchasers to make their own (we're hoping informed) decision about which window into the web they'll be looking through. Additionally, while Windows 7 will still include an install of IE, users will have the option to disable it, and computer-makers will also be allowed to pre-load any browser they see fit for their systems. We're glad that Microsoft is taking the inclusive approach here, though there are lots of good arguments against the EC's actions. We don't see Apple getting the same heat for Safari, though Apple doesn't currently hold the lion's share of the market. At the end of the day, we're personally just happy to not be using IE -- no matter how you slice it."

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Charmers3833d ago

Damn was looking forward to an IE'less OS. Yes I know you can disable it but that crap will still be on my machine now grrrr. I guess MS woke up and realised it was shooting itself in the foot by not including the chance for lazy users to just opt for IE 8.

TheTruth893833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

generally, im against Microsoft, plus i hate Internet Explorer.
But not this time.

Windows is a MS product.
IE is a MS product.

Why can't MS integrate IE in windwos?? Where is the problem??
You're not forced to use IE, you can download Firefox, Chrome, Opera... you can download all what you want.

If i follow this logic...
MS can't integrate the default Windows Firewall... because there a lot of third-party firewall for Windows...
MS can't integrate the default disk defragment utility
MS can't integrate Windows Media Player
MS can't integrate Windows Defender...

Holy Sh!t MS can't integrate anything outside basic O.S features.....


commodore643833d ago


The European commission is a joke.
The European laws on what is deemed monopolistic practice are different to other parts of the world and, in this case, MS is being forced to bundle their competitors product with their own.

This is absolutely ludicrous!

The EU is slowly but surely becoming the socialist haven that the USSR had planned for it.

Revvin3833d ago

Well said! Now lets see them take Apple to court to remove Safari. Does anyone think Google will do things differently when they release an OS? They already do all that they can to pack your computer with their branded tools.

JsonHenry3833d ago

The EU is pathetic. If MS was a EU company this would never happen. Maybe they should move their headquarters to Brussels and just avoid all these lawsuits in the future.

Why can't you bundle YOUR OWN PRODUCT with your service?! This is the same as forcing Ford Motor Co. to bundle a Chevy and Dodge engine with every car sold! CRAZY!

Baka-akaB3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Please refrain from posting on stuff you obviously dont know jack about and from mixing it with your misguided biggotry or bias .

Plenty European companies too were sued in the past . You know like that little entity known as Vivendi (owner among many things of Activision-blizzard) for vialoating many antitrust laws .

They also even received help , by such laws at some point when they complained and sued Orange telecom for abuses in the telecommunications sectors (only to get their just dessert and get burned as well later , as mentioned above).

zag3832d ago

Have you run a copy of Win7? this will be a good thing.

IE8 pretty much takes over everything from what pages show up to searches and then auction sites etc via the MS service bing.

You can change it around but once set will hijack searches to goto bing if you just go with default settings.

Basicly MS is trying to force people onto IE8 and then force them to only use MS search engines etc the reason why because you can get a heap of cash via ads and people paying for result placement.

Even IE8 will pop up windows of sebsites that you goto and then as you type in a site will list up suggestions based on bing data that you have searched for in the past.

Then you have the page blocker and phlishing blocker ads can sort of be blocked like yahoo google ads can be blocked but for some reason bing ads will always show funny that.

As for the firewall, it's not a program but a service which always runs in the back ground you can't shut down the service as this shuts off the network connections as well, thus killing netorks including home networks.

The defragger in windows is crap anyway there's much better products out there.

Media player become a bit more like IE8 in that you buy music videos from MS owned sites.

Defender doesn't exist anymore as the firewall now handles all of that stuff.

If you don't run IE you can't have file explorer programs or file windows some 4rd party programs will also be broken due to them using IE directly, and a few other things won't work either.

the EU forcing it not to be standard is a good thing really in many ways if your've never used win7 yet.

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Milky3833d ago

I think its ok. Choice is good.

commodore643833d ago

You don't get it.

Consumers always have been free to choose whatever browser they want to use.

The EU is forcing MS to INCLUDE other browsers at MS's expense.

It is akin to forcing coke to include Pepsi products.

andron3833d ago

The browser isn't a critical part of the winos operating system, and as such it's good people now get a choice to leave it out.

It's a wise decision and it's because of winos major market share that this has become an issue. Apples Safari is a part of the package you buy, and Apple hasn't got so big a market share that you can compare the two either.

And @commodore: Your opinion and view of the EU is ignorant at best, and just plain stupid at it's worst. And I'm an European that's no big fan of the EU, but your comments here about it are just wrong...

Milky3833d ago

no no no, I DO get it. Uninformed consumers of Microsoft windows will now be informed that there are other choices out there.

To alter my comment above: Easier access to choices is good.

commodore643832d ago

oh my that's unbelievable!
You STILL don't get it!

No offense, dude, but you have not got a clue about the issues at play.

It is NOT MS's responsibility to inform ignorant users of competing choice in the marketplace.
That responsibility rests solely with the supplier of the competing choice.

I feel like i have wasted my breath here...


andron3832d ago

You are still missing the point here. IE wouldn't have been a problem if MS didn't have such a large market share. EU argues that it hinders competition when they integrate IE into winos.

And your communist comment about EU is so off the mark that the rest of your arguments loose all credibility. Here read up:

"EU is an an economic and political union of 27 member states, located primarily in Europe." One of the primary goals of EU has always been a free market in all of Europe. That's one of the reasons they have established the Euro and common laws...

commodore643831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Yeah wow, i can scarcely believe the ignorance from you, andron.

MS does NOT owe you or anyone anything.
If they want to bundle IE for free, then they have that right in the free market, same as Apple has the right to bundle safari.

What the EU is advocating is absolutely socialistic rather than capitalistic.
Sorry if the truth hurts!

Consumers have ALWAYS had free choice of browser and the right to use firefox, opera... whatever.
Indeed, I myself use firefox!

What you are suggesting, is that we must unfairly hobble a successful business giant in order to let the competition thrive, without said competition earning this in the market.

That is socialism, even if you object to the term.
Go and read Ayn Rand, before you reply and embarrass yourself again.

andron3830d ago

The issue here is that the browser is more or less integrated into winos, and EU thinks that gives it an unfair advantage in the browser market.

I think you have misunderstood what I have meant. I agree that MS can include IE and after this ruling they will be able to do so. But they will also need to make it easier to disable IE and use another browser.

I'm not a fan of EU myself. I live in Norway and don't want us to become members of EU, because I think EU is undemocratic and too bureaucratic.

It boils down to if you believe the market can regulate it self or if it needs to be regulated to function properly. I think that free market capitalism is an utopia like all other ideologies. Just look at what has happened to the US economy today...

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Karum3833d ago

You know there's a lot of MS business practices I dislike along with their attitude in certain instances but I think dragging them over hot coals for bundling IE is a little harsh.

Now I don't like IE, in fact I hate the browser but I just go ahead and download Firefox, make it my default browser and forget about IE altogether.

The other browser makers could do a bit more to make people aware there are other options out there too imo.

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