Nintendo to ramp up Wii production and Pokémon Hotter Than Ever

A Nintendo spokesperson has confirmed to that the company plans to increase Wii production as demand for the console continues to outstrip supply.

"For the first three months of this year we have been producing one million hardware units per month. We are increasing the manufacturing capacity and forecast to ship 14 million in this fiscal year to our distributors and retail customers globally," the spokesperson said.

"We have put solid production plans in place to ensure a steady flow of product through 2007. We are constantly replenishing Wii supplies however with such high demand, stock is still flying off shelves so consumers should continue to be in touch with their local retailers to confirm when new stock is arriving."

In other news, one of the video game industry's most celebrated franchises is officially hotter than ever. Within just five days of availability, more than 1 million copies of Pokémon® Diamond and Pokémon Pearl for the portable Nintendo DS have sold in the United States since Sunday's launch; a faster rate than any previous Pokémon games since the franchise's U.S. introduction, almost a decade ago. To date, more than 155 million copies of Pokémon games have sold worldwide.

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Diselage4285d ago

Your console being completely sold out for 6 months with projections of being under supplied for 2 additional years makes you finally decide to step it up a bit? You may be thick Nintendo but at least we got through to you.

Sphinx4285d ago

I've still got a few family members and friends who want one, but can't find one. I got mine at launch, and it always makes for a more entertaining evening with family.

ITR4285d ago

Well that isn't much of an improvement.

They where on track to sell around 10-12 million unit by the end of the yr.

If they ship 14 million by yr end then I est. sales of around 12-13 million.

Leon Kennedy4285d ago

Yeah. 14 million in the next fiscal year - and you were producing one million a month? So that's still only about 1,200,000 a month. I've got mine, but I'm hoping they'll be able to keep shelves stocked at least by Christmas.

D R Fz4285d ago

It just seems like one of those things that never go away.

Rooted_Dust4285d ago

If Pokemon is going to be around forever, I will just have to hate it....forever :P

dknight4285d ago

StarWars has been around forever too but it hasn't gone away.
Same with D&D and Magic the Gathering.