Gaming's Most Impractical Characters

TheGameReviews writes: "From Indiana's legendary fedora to Bender's shiny metal ass, character design defines our most memorable characters. While movies may require real actors step into the character's shoes, video games have the distinct advantage of building their heroes from scratch. While this allows for artistically liberal creations, such as the bizarre and angular denizens of The World Ends With You's Shibuya, some games cross the line of artistic expression and plunge straight into the face-palming realm of absurdity. This list focuses on these characters, the men and women that couldn't exist in the real world. While this list could be populated entirely by women wearing impossibly little clothing, we at TGR enjoy a challenge, so we're only seeking designs, and specifically outfits, that would be thoroughly impractical if the character were real. Please enjoy our analysis of gaming's unfeasible side."

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SirLarr3840d ago

Boobs are nice and all, but sometimes games just go too far!

Serjikal_Strike3840d ago

no such thing as goin to far...

well not yet anyways;)

ThatArtGuy3840d ago

In France the perfect breast size is equal to a wine glass. In the Bronx the perfect breast size is a beer keg.

CobraKai3840d ago

Hey, Taki is all practical. She silently drops in front of her target. Her target goes:"Whoa look at dem titties". Then *shwernk* his head goes flying.

SirLarr3840d ago

You may be on to something there Cobra

LokedOut3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Cobra, saying your quote out-loud makes me LOL +bubs to you

rockleex3840d ago

In that case, this would happen instead.

CobraKai3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Soooo AWESOME!!!!
Oh and thanks LokedOut

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reddevilyi3840d ago

I've always wondered about the video game industry's obsession with metal bikinis.

sonyjunky2793839d ago

no, **Japanese** developers obsession

iTZKooPA3840d ago

The chosen pic really headlights, I mean highlights, the issue.

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