TouchArcade Review: 'Car Mania' - My Real-Life Rage Meter is Full

Car Mania is an evolution on the "draw lines to direct things" genre that has become so popular between Flight Control [App Store], Harbor Master [App Store], and other spin-offs. Instead of directing boats or planes, as you may have guessed, you're directing cars around.

The three included maps feature streets which oddly enough are only wide enough for one car, so you need to plan each car's route to avoid collisions. The nice thing about Car Mania is you have a rage meter which slowly gets filled as drivers wait or crash in to each other, this makes the game fairly forgiving compared to the one mistake and you're done gameplay of similar games in the genre. Also, along the way you'll need to deal with road construction. When these signs pop up on the road they stop traffic, but tapping them a few times gets rid of them.

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