The Portable Gamer Review: Rats! for iPhone

TPG writes: "Rats' gameplay has you as the unseen exterminator trying to eliminate, shockingly enough, rats, from the closed off mazes that they inhabit. You accomplish this through using various weapons like bombs, gas, decoy rats, and a nuclear device. You lose if the maze gets overpopulated, and unfortunately you can't beat a level by strategically arguing with the game that by letting the map get overpopulated, the rats would eventually die off anyway especially since we're talking about a closed system here. But then again, this is a game where you use Acme-brand bombs to blow up rats, I wouldn't expect complete realism from this game."

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wondroushippo3835d ago

I love how games have never given up on the concept of the round black bomb. So quaint.

bgrundman3835d ago

hey, it has been that way since Zelda, why change it now?

roblef3835d ago

I want some plastique bombs. Little blobs of destruction!

Neco5123835d ago

Hell yeah! I want some too!