Xbox 360 August Dashboard Update Hands-on Walkthrough

Here is a look at the upcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard update, which launches on August 11th. A limited Press Preview went out this morning, and Playfeed has posted an extensive look at all the new features that come with the update.

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Elven63836d ago

Just a few more days! I would prefer a preview invite though.

drusoicy3836d ago

TECHNICALLY, a little more than a few more days, unless you get into the Major Nelson Preview. Notifications for acceptances for that program go out today though, so watch your inbox if you applied. ;)

Kushan3836d ago

Actually the emails are going out on Monday, according to Major Nelson:

"Xbox Preview Program Update: The first set of notification emails will start to go out on Monday, July 27th." (via twitter)

drusoicy3836d ago

Okay, that must be due to the short delay that the preview had going public. Still - keep your eyes on your inbox, and relax over the weekend ;)

Ziriux3836d ago

Caint wait for the update. MS has always made me happier by each update.

Elven63836d ago

Likewise, I have never been disappointment with a update. I'm amazed at the speed some of these updates apply/download in considering how much some of them come with.

user39158003836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

What the heck? Updates after updates almost every other week, please stop with this stuff, you are making sony look so incompetent.

I have received a few threats so far, for been a unique individual with extreme intelligence and charismatic as humanly possible. However, the attempts to dissatisfied those fandroids has continue to be an improvement weekly, with more suffocating news of a bad omen on the PS3 site, although not proud to admit that soon enough the PS3 will continue to improve in the garbage department, it is with great pleasure that I leave this website with a sense of satisfaction.

Nothing in this world its more satisfying then seen the PS3 fandroids been mad every day, due to their poor choice in gaming. However, I will help you to see the light that you are looking for with 3 simple rules:

1) Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat 100 times Im not longer a sony tool.

2) I will joint the ranks of supreme gaming by been part of the greatest console ever made "Xbox360".

3) Accepting and apologizing for the bad behavior of been a tool from sony and kissing the middle finger on nlvwithgms avatar every morning.

3836d ago
3836d ago
RockmanII73836d ago

I'm more excited for twitter/facebook/, but I do want to make my avatar more presentable.

mastiffchild3835d ago

By the same yardstick I'd just like to be able to not ave an avatar at all. It shocks me that I have to have one and the lack of choice here is plainly unamerican, imo.

Otherwise the interface is fine(don't care about them adding Twitter etc as I don't think I've ever wanted to use them on the PS3 in all the time I've had one so can't see it changing but if it's something others will use that's fine by me)just give me the coice to be avatarless.

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